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SUMI-KA Yakitori

Sumi-ka, a yakitori restaurant famously known and frequented by Japanese community here, open in more or less about 2 years ago. A  reservation is a must to dine there, or you will be dissapointed by making a trip to this busy side of Subang Jaya with all the traffic congestion. My fond memories of Sumi-ka, was the first time I […]


Half French

  This post is really long overdue wahahhaha.. but don’t care la. That crazy night @ My Elephant, Section 17 The Mansion was really fun and memorable because it gathers all the Noisiest bunch of people I ever knew and create a havoc at the table, literally. The singing of the birthday song at the end […]


Don’t mess- July Babies

Don’t mess with Song Mui  + Mean Queen. Why do you need to ask? Just the name says it all.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!    Last Wednesday, celebrated Go-san’s birthday at Kokopelli Travellers Bistro after work. I am suppose to FFK the dinner as I am sick, but are forced to go because I am the organiser. Torture going la, keep on […]


Another Blow

What a day to start right? Yesterday was Lame Queen last day of work, I already can imagine the office to be super quiet without her, Anna was on leave till today I guess then Jo left in June too and seems very happy at her new work place that I think she is forgetting our swimming […]



Do you know everyone in your office? I don’t! and how come I dun? Because I am Ignorant, unfriendly, and unapproachable.. I think alot of people think of me that way anyhow need to thank our Stupid HR too, that they never introduce new employee when they join, so I am always puzzled and can’t keep […]

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Working Saturday

Today I am working, I forced myself to work today, so that I can save some leave for my London trip, if / when it happens. I ran out of home this morning at 8.02am and reach office at 8.14, whoa.. I am nearly late but I still manage. I didn’t drove like MAD COW […]

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When boss coming back ah?

My boss is back. Yes. He is back. For the past 2 days I have been answering to the same questions again and again. ‘When boss coming back ah? What time he is coming back? What time is his flight? Where he stay? I really feel so irritated with such question, which I usually don’t […]

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