The Art of Staying Alive

” Thou Must Eat Together With Your Wife”
“Thou Must Wait for Her To Finish Eating”
“Thou Must Give Your Credit Card to Her To Spend”
I am not kidding. Its all about survival in the domestic land of  No Justice.
To my hubby: If you haven’t found out why I black face that day, this is the answer: I was upset that you didn’t wait for me to have dinner together, maybe you have forgotten the SOP on The Art Staying Alive- Chapter -Lovingly Eat Together which we already been practising since we dated.
A while before,  I got lectured from hubby about leaving the dining table a lil’ too early at mum’s because my Dear Hubby have not finish eating his favourite steam minced pork and he doesn’t want to wash the plate. FML. Alright, point taken and for my survival and upcoming 51 longevity birthday party in another 25 years
Chapter -Lovingly Eat Together –  The Extra
Thou shalt not Leave Your Hubby Unattended while He is Having His Meal” 
“Thou shall Drool and Admire him Enjoying his Meal – Drool included”! Yey!
This is the reason why I am still loveable  alive till today! 
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