Smackphone Moron. Are you?

Suppose wrote a longer post, somehow my earlier post wasn’t what I want to published. Stupid de.. dunno what happen to wordpress. Ya, now I am complaining. Alright, I hope I remember what I wrote, but its no fun to think again and reconstruct it nicely as before. Okay, so no, I am going to be uncivilised write like ‘bo tak cek’ (no read book in hokkein) and be super direct.

First of all, my hubby who is super kedekut and will think many many times if he want to buy anything for himself, are rather quick to make up his mind when he went to get the android phone for himself. I don’t blame him, he needed a better phone so that he can check emails anytime and anywhere especially when he is away on business trips.

Then many of my friends also using a smartphone too, yea the more advance model than the one I am using, also a smartphone .. neh the Nokia E71 hands me down unit from hubby. Anna got herself iphone, after her older phone turned zombie or mummified with cellophane tape. Then Jor Sau Feng got a BB where she began her journey of superstress. Jynnvera also got a Michael Jackson BB, cool huh? Jynnvera BB a suppose black is now white after sending to ICU couple of times.

Everybody is using smartphone! Of course la, apart of usual phone functions to call your love ones at the other end of the world, like Malaysia call to London, call to Africa, Amazon anywhere ulu ulu remote place also can. Then the smartphone also provide text messaging, you-tubing, email access, online banking, online everything, then the wide varieties of application that anyone would think of, sure Smartphone is the answer to all. Smartphone is your life!


Smartphone gives you life! Is it true? Yes.. sure.. of course only if you are in control moron! Only if you know, when to Stop! Only if you know you are not being controlled by the smarter than yourself handheld devices that you claim so moronly important. Why? Because, you let the phone disturb your sleep! Because you are rude and you didn’t know! Because you were so absorb with the phone application, playing games, or texting that you missed out the eye contact, face to face interaction that are important to human kind. Sound serious or not?

Why still don’t understand? For instance, you were sleeping halfway, and you heard the sms/emails prompt on your BB. Then you woke up and check the email. Maybe something important. Then you found that the email is from your stupid boss requesting someting. Then later you cannot get back to sleep because you are super stress about tomorrow task, because your eyes wide awake, then you stay awake, then you have sleepless night, and next day have panda eye. 

Or how about, you playing with the smartphone games application, then your loves one looking at you suppose want to have a conversation, then saw you so engrossed with the game, then keep quiet because why talk when you are not listening. Or a bit thick skin, continue trying to talk but the other person tell you to stop talking cause he/she want to concentrate in the game, game over you got blame. Then what happen, no interaction! wait wait wait, how about when another person talking to you, then your hand continue texting and looking at the key pad/ touch screen then ask you to repeat what you have said earlier. Can you repeat again.. what did you said? Huh I don’t understand? What? Oh.. wait wait I need to text now

Do you still want to be a moronic smartphone owner? If not, live by these rules, have fun and have life with smartphone and not use the smartphone and ruin your life with a smackphone.

  1. Dont do your phone, if you are doing your life especially when you are suppose to be spending precious time with family and friends. Why are you even with them if you’re with them in body only? Engage in conversation. Nobody likes to be put on hold, because you were on bullshit text marathon. Or playing game. or FB-ing. Twitter-ing.
  2. Be discreet, don’t be rude. Who wants to listen to what you were watching on youtube? Who wants to listen to your yell phone conversation?
  3. Don’t check or even peek and don’t  reply emails 1-2 hours before your sleep time. If the mails is urgent, the sender will call if you did not response  to them. Set a trend, set a rule they will eventually get the idea, and will not take things for granted. Work is work, unless somebody going to die, leave it to tomorrow.
  4. For the BB owner, if you are sharing room with someone else, silent your phone if you like to text/BB messaging with your friend all night. That’s annoying.

Regain your life, don’t be rude!


  1. #1 by anna on October 23, 2010 - 2:43 pm

    Omg. you are being super jealous because all of us use smart phones!!!

    admit it admit it admit it admit it admit it admit it admit it admit it

  2. #3 by Jynn on October 20, 2010 - 7:47 pm

    simply make my name jynnvera only like so happy like that

    • #4 by blurcheryl on October 21, 2010 - 3:05 pm

      I suka ah.. u admit u Jynnvera wat..or u want me to modify it to Jynnveryvera, or Jynnmarah, or Jynncaila

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