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Birthday Celebration @ Brotzeit

On Monday, went to Midvalley with Wendy Tham,  a very dear friend of mine, to celebrate my birthday. As usual we talk non stop whenever we meet up eventhough we chatted almost daily, its like having a relationship with her wahahhaha She gave me this for my birthday this year and expect I wear it for the next […]

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Buffalo Wing Poser, Horny Duck Linguinni & Ah Neh Neh Lamb Shank for Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my 26th …err 32nd birthday, but I still felt like its my 26th birthday, because I am young and beautiful as always. Okay, I know y’all must be having slight nausea here, sure got something wrong with you , better go for health check lor. Guess some of you may be asking what I got […]

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Birthday celebration @ Teapot with Santa Claus & Santa Chin

Last Friday went out with my gang members wahahhahah.. Lim said she is Santa Claus for that night as everyone received a gift from her This time, we went to Teapot Cafe at SS2. Its our first visit here suggested by  Lim as she said the interior very nice. True enough!  Lim gave me my […]

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Treasured Friend at a place of treasure- Cafe Barbera

Writing this post today, 2 weeks after Ai Lim and I had dinner with Andy at Cafe Barbera, Bangsar suddenly occur to me that we’ve known Andy for 13 years? Whoaa….. wow 13 years since 1997 in Olympia. Everyone has changed so much, and how of all 4 God brothers that we have, Eldest -Gary Oh, 2nd Bro- Kian Nan, 3rd […]

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2nd Holiday Plan this year

I AM GOING TO HONG KONG IN NOVEMBER 2010 But WITHOUT MY HUBBY!! I’m happy that I’d be travelling with my parent and be able to pamper them and bring them to Hong Kong for Holiday and taking care of them while my sis who is going there with us will surely be occupied and busy […]

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SUMI-KA Yakitori

Sumi-ka, a yakitori restaurant famously known and frequented by Japanese community here, open in more or less about 2 years ago. A  reservation is a must to dine there, or you will be dissapointed by making a trip to this busy side of Subang Jaya with all the traffic congestion. My fond memories of Sumi-ka, was the first time I […]


Half French

  This post is really long overdue wahahhaha.. but don’t care la. That crazy night @ My Elephant, Section 17 The Mansion was really fun and memorable because it gathers all the Noisiest bunch of people I ever knew and create a havoc at the table, literally. The singing of the birthday song at the end […]