Bogus Policeman – Bukit Aman

 This happen to my sister recently, just days ago.    

She received a call from Bogus Bukit Aman policeman who demanded her to report to Bukit Aman Police Headquarter immediately before 5pm. My sister of course refused to go because she did no crime and in no reason whatsoever can be involved with whatever they are investigating. The Bogus policeman never revealed what they are investigating and ask my sister to report herself at the Headquarter. Hearing my sister refusal to report herself in, she got threaten by the Bogus Policeman saying stern action will be taken if she is not there by 5pm that day.. in bahasa ‘ tindakan akan diambil’.   

After ending the phone call, my sister quickly make a search for the phone number of Bukit Aman and it appear to be the same as recorded in her phone. Yes, if you didn’t know they can do that now. (I got a call to key in particulars on my phone, and the number exactly the same as the Bank’s phone number, but I don’t have account in that bank wahahahha so I know its fake call).     

Then my sister call to Bukit Aman and ask if there is anyone by the name (of the Bogus Policeman name). Yes, my sister ask the name. So the Officer told my sister no such person and told my sister not to go there. The Officer also told my sister that they receives alot of complaints from ladies especially and told my sister maybe the Bogus policeman will tail my sister after she went to Bukit Aman and left the place, in between the journey follow my sister car planning to hijack my sister’s car/ kidnap her. They can sort of predict the timing/their pray because in between the time they call and ask my sister to report to Bukit Aman is about 1.5-2hours before 5pm.    

My sister was so scared she dare not to leave the office. Its office hours then. she called Bukit Aman again and they gave her the Police Gerakan phone number. Police Gerakan went to my sister’s office and escorted her to the police station and to make a report. But aiyo Malaysian being Malaysiam the Police there said not necessary for my sister to make a report (they should have let her make a report and have a data/statistic of this kind of crime/syndicate whatever right? Ignorant!)  

Anyway below number, key into your handphone immediately, just in case you need it one day.  

 For Klang valley: Bilik Gerakan in Brickfield Tel: 03-2274 4465       


 In case of Emergency: Here’s the number (24 hours). 

Bil Tempat Telefon
1 Pulau Pinang 04-2691999
2 Bukit Aman 03-20319999 / 03-22626555
3 Selangor 03-20529999
4 Kuala Lumpur 03-21460585
5 Perlis 04-9711999
6 Kedah 04-7392999
7 Pulau Pinang 04-2691999
8 Perak 05-2401999
9 Negeri Sembilan 06-7619999
10 Melaka 06-2851999
11 Johor 07-2212999
12 Pahang 09-5151999
13 Terengganu 09-6270499
14 Kelantan 09-7455555
15 Sarawak 082-240800
16 Sabah 088-450466
17 Labuan 087-412575






Ladies, please becareful!        

  1. #1 by thammelissa on August 5, 2010 - 9:51 am

    thanks for sharing. I will be more aware & cautious now

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