Buffalo Wing Poser, Horny Duck Linguinni & Ah Neh Neh Lamb Shank for Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my 26th …err 32nd birthday, but I still felt like its my 26th birthday, because I am young and beautiful as always. Okay, I know y’all must be having slight nausea here, sure got something wrong with you , better go for health check lor.

Guess some of you may be asking what I got for my birthday from Hubby? First of all, I’ve already got my birthday day for this year since last year. Very confusing hor. For 2010 & 2011 year, my birthday gift  is my Longines watch, then for 2012 & 2013 year’s gift I got it last month is my Canon G11. So thats it. Maybe I will get my 2014 & 2015 year’s gift in year 2011. wahahahahha hope my hubby cannot keep track of the gifts he got me la, so I can keep on getting advance gifts. Wahahahahhahahaha

Now comes the dinner celebration… .. Drum Rolling…….!!!!! We went to Bijou!!

Jeng Jeng Jeng

Bijou Mon't Kiara

Cupcakes corner

Types of Cupcakes

 The interior @ Bijou decorated with girlish pink & white, nice place for girlfriends to gossip here as its secluded and quiet. During the day time can camwhore with natural sunlight..unlike during the evening, too dim for  any photos lor.


 I ordered Mojito.. firts time trying it.. I called it the Virgin Mojito.. wahahahha

Virgin Mojito

 Drum  rolling again…….. Pong Pong Pong Pong… I want to slam my head to the wall… but I have to refrain as its my birthday…

Bijou FOOD SUCKS!!!!!

Buffalo Wings: Why its a let down? Taste like fried chicken dip into sweet ketchup chilli sauce, renamed the dish to Buffalo Wing Poser

 Linguini with Duck Breast: The duck meat is not in slices as I expect it to be, the n the linguini cook in Soya Sauce? I love pasta but wow, “Ham Dou” (Salty until) I keep on drinking Mojito while eating the pasta, imagine its like eating pasta dip in soya sauce and chewing the duck meat like chewing the coconut fibre. Because of its saltiness, better call it Horny Duck Linguini.

Lamb Shank: With rice? Okay, the lamb tasted okay, but they didn’t give more sauce and  the dish is very oily, maybe from the aubergine on the side. This dish I call it Ahnehneh lamb shank

Actually I wanted to get a piece of cupcake to try, but after the food came, and the disappointment  I don’t think I want to try it anymore. Thanks Hubby for the lovely dinner outing with me, this restaurant not gonna be in our list.

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