Birthday celebration @ Teapot with Santa Claus & Santa Chin

Last Friday went out with my gang members wahahhahah.. Lim said she is Santa Claus for that night as everyone received a gift from her

Santa Claus Teacher

This time, we went to Teapot Cafe at SS2. Its our first visit here suggested by  Lim as she said the interior very nice. True enough!

Interior of Teapot Cafe

 Lim gave me my birthday gift, a cooking book! Love it love it.. I can’t stop telling her which one  I’m going to make. After receiving this book, I have been thinking of doing a party wahahhahaha. Speaking of cook book Josephine when are you going to return my book?huh? the Steaming cookbook. 

Me and my new collection of Cook Book

 While waiting for Chin Chin and Jacklyn to arrive, Ai Lim was so hungry.. she can eat an elephant, but I stopped her and we ordered a pair of scones. We quickly finish the scones, and asked the waiter to clear the table so that the other 2 lady didn’t know we’ve eaten ..but aiyo.. at last rahsia terbongkar because while I show Chin the photos she saw this photo I’ve taken earlier.

My Scones taste better

 The 2 pretty October Babies.. Happy 26 Years Old

Happy Birthday Chin Chin!!!

Aiyeh, the snow white and the pocahontas

 Saw this hanging on the wall! So true..

My marriage not made in Heaven, I trap him de. But I'm sure his love to me is as fierce as thunder and lighting

 Group Photos! Chin Chin is Santa Chin according to her because she gave everyone Fudgeez to try. How awesome she loves bread and she work in breadfactory and never need to buy any bread anymore.

See all Leng Lui

 I forgot I told Lim that I want a cake from RT Bakery, and she remember!! Wah wah so surprise that I actually forgot that I told her so direct that I wanted cake?? Paiseh.. Lim bought 2 slices of cake, one for me another for Chin Chin. We very generous we let Jacklyn eat our cake.

Cake from RT

 Chin Chin made me a handmade Birthday card with special message whaahahahahhahaha… See how nice is my card?? Envy right?

Handmade card


Its been a while since all 4 of us actually meet up, usually we forgot about Jacklyn wahahahha sorry yo, Jacklyn next time we will ask you out more often.

Habis Cerita


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