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Durian Dusun

Wanna know why suddenly we go balik kampung? Hubby wanted to shut my mouth! Apa lagi? He promised to bring me makan durian Pahang. Hubby promised to bring me makan durian and I promised to stop talking about durian. Actually I am forbidden to even mention D.U.R.I.A.N. So we went to dusun/orchard to eat durian.   Geographically I don’t […]


Restoran Mido

Now time to talk about food. After buying the fresh fish from Balok, we came to this Restoran Mido, supposingly famous in the olden days frequented by patrons from the oil & gas companies. This is the 2 Grouper my BIL bought (Before) Steamed Grouper look like this. (After) This dish by Special Order. Owner agree to cook this […]

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Balok for Fresh Fish

For the past years my BIL has been supplying fresh fish for us to bring back to KL. TQVM. Because of my BIL, we get to eat really Fresh fish and I stopped buying fish from KL. Living in the city we hardly get fresh fish. . and hah! I didn’t know that by successfully Netting my […]

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Mustafa Cendol

Another trip back to Kuantan last weekend. It was a smooth ride home on and it took us 2.5hrs this time to reach kuantan. Poor Lynn fell down on Saturday morning near Taman Gelora while training for Sunday sports day with her friends. I decided not to post her injuries photo here.. but the fall was really bad. […]

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Hao Yau Teluk Kumbar Seafood Restaurant

One of the main reason we went to Penang is about food, specifically seafood. We went to to Hao Yau Teluk Kumbar Seafood Rest (recommended by Axian on Astro) for dinner. Look at the crowd. Its only like 6.45pm at that time. Hmm I think hubby is following my tweet twit We chosed to sit facing the […]

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Penang Trip 2 Days 1 Night

This time around, 3 couples including myself and hubby went for a 2 days 1 night Penang road trip. 6 people all together, enjoying the ride in Honda Stream. I can tell you  I am so amaze with the Fuel Efficiency that Honda Stream can do. 1 Full Tank of petrol can last you 1 round trip […]

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Ye Olde Smokehouse, Fraser Hill

During my 2 Days 1 Night trip to Fraser Hill, I really didn’t do much there except, Eat, Sleep, Watch Astro, fighting for the AFC channel (not kidding, I actually did that in Kuantan.. bad auntie) and Eat Again, camwhore, pester my brother to take photos for me, read books (try to be civilised person) […]

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