Ye Olde Smokehouse, Fraser Hill

During my 2 Days 1 Night trip to Fraser Hill, I really didn’t do much there except, Eat, Sleep, Watch Astro, fighting for the AFC channel (not kidding, I actually did that in Kuantan.. bad auntie) and Eat Again, camwhore, pester my brother to take photos for me, read books (try to be civilised person) and visited Ye Olde Smokehouse.

So here’s more photos on Ye Olde Smokehouse. 

Warning: The Captain is kinda rude, should have suggested to the management to put a sign out there “Beware of Dog Captain”.

I ignore him btw, and because I am kind, and in good mood,  I doesn’t want to make a fuss, I let him go in one piece. Lucky him!

Outside Ye Olde Smokehouse


I ordered Devonshire Tea set,  comes with 2 scones and 1 tea (BOH la).

I kept on pester my brother to take photos for me again and again. Women are hard to please or Sister are hard to please! Haha. Me enjoying the scones, my sister said Mr. Lim’s (caretaker) scones are much better.. ish.. they had it on Friday oledi.. 😦

See my mum not smiling, she said she look ugly when she smile T__T

Aurora and Me. She look sebulat bulat like my sis except she is not big eater, have to force-fed her. Pengsan

Aurora scared of the Auntie already! Hahahahaha


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