Birthday Celebration @ Brotzeit

On Monday, went to Midvalley with Wendy Tham,  a very dear friend of mine, to celebrate my birthday. As usual we talk non stop whenever we meet up eventhough we chatted almost daily, its like having a relationship with her wahahhaha

She gave me this for my birthday this year and expect I wear it for the next Chinese New Year. Okay I will!!

 We went to the newly opened Brotzeit German Restaurant at Midvalley, located at the EX- Tai Thong  lot. Its only a week’s old restaurant, and the restaurant was packed even on Monday!

Each customers’ table, receives a plate of appetizers compliment from the restaurant. The one from far left is liver pate, middle  verycheese, on the right is made of fat. All taste yummy to me.. I especially like the cheese 1. 

 Chef  Helmut came to sit with us for a little chat, and he recommended a german beer on draught for me to try., its call blalalalblabla Beer, I forgot.  So I ordered a 0.3cl glass of beer, and got this large piece of pretzel compliment from the chef again. The pretzel with coarse salt on top suppose to go better with beer wor..

 Wendy wanted to try the German sausages, while I wanted to try the Today’s Special Pork Knuckles, so the chef asked the kitchen to prepare this dish off the menu for us to try.

The restaurant only serves fresh meat, therefore you will not find the Pork Knuckles/ Pork Ribs on the menu. As explained by Chef Helmut, the meat supplied to them have to pass stringent quality criteria set by Brotzeit, and they do not accept frozen meat. Once they got the fresh meat delivered to them, they will marinate it for a day and only serve it the next day. So if you would like to try their specialty menu, its better to give them a call to avoid dissapointment!

Its a no surprise that the German Pork Knuckle is Brotzeit signature dish, and we were lucky they have it on Monday. The crackly skin is very crunchy (unlike other restaurant- hard as wood). The meat is tender, not salty and the sauce really complement its taste especially when eaten together with the soft but crunchy saur kraut. If you are worried of the dish being too fat, don’t! I hardly can find much chunky pork fat in it. I guess its mostly melted or the fat below the crackly skin just melt in your mouth. 

Look at the huge portion, aiyo obviously cannot finish the huge portion of this main dish, so have to tapau. This always happen when eating out with Wendy, we ordered too many, and always cannot finish our food geh.. wahahhaha

We asked for help to cut the knuckle, and its presented nicely with the big chunk of bones standing like in the pic. Yumz..

 Photo, Wendy with the Chef a.k.a. Owner

 Happy Birthday to Wendy too!! My turn to treat her next time, Mc Donald ok ka?

Thank you Wendy, for the lovely dinner, drinking the bitter soup with me at Kong Woh Tong, and run to the toilet with me after that. Very hilarious, and please don’t wear that shoe anymore I don’t want to see u PK like in JFE lor..


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