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A N N O U N C E M E N T: You Must See It!

OMG OMG OMG  I got myself a Dot Com! After several months of  toying with the idea, asking dumbass questions to the techy dude  and with support from hubby (* grin* Ny I love u) who happen to fund my Dot Com – u n w i l l i n g l y, finally its happening… I am migrating to Australia.  […]

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Cuckoo Bird Party

Came home one evening, and found those birds chirping happily  outside my home, they must be having a party. So I snap this photo for you to see. Cute or not?  

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Day 7 – Fitzroy Garden & Melbourne Museum

I wanted to visit one of the many garden in Melbourne at least before heading home, so I chose Fitzroy Garden as it has The Conservatory and Captain Cook’s Cottage. We check out of the hotel and left our luggage at the conceirge then took the free tram to Elizabeth Street and walk to FG, the […]

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We are back to our homeland

I am back. Oh btw, do you know Oprah is going to Australia in December this year too? I know I know totally unrelated to me, I never watched any of Oprah ‘s episodes but 300 of her audiences received a surprise reward of free holiday to Australia. It was in the news everyday whenever the King […]


Selamat Hari Raya

To all my Muslim friends, SELAMAT HARI RAYA! (to my dear nieces ‘do not laugh’)

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Midnite Blog

Oh dear… my hubby were sleeping soundly now, bless him and today is the 3rd night straight I couldn’t sleep. So happen the 1st night  I think too much of my  Melbourne plan change. Then the 2nd night had some arguments with hubby – I need more love. Tonight, well I should have ordered hot chocolate instead of the coffee […]

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Birthday Gift 2010

Thank you Wendy Ah Soh for the Earliest BIRTHDAY GIFT 2010 Ever…. So many months in Advance You are really CRAZY Kind to me Wahahahahha