Day 7 – Fitzroy Garden & Melbourne Museum

I wanted to visit one of the many garden in Melbourne at least before heading home, so I chose Fitzroy Garden as it has The Conservatory and Captain Cook’s Cottage. We check out of the hotel and left our luggage at the conceirge then took the free tram to Elizabeth Street and walk to FG, the only garden we manage to visit 😦

We took a slow walk on the way to the garden while admiring the nice ass of the Melbournian Joggers (very envy lah). We saw alot of big coaches park at the garden, guess this is also one of the touristy spot.

We head to The Conservatory first, and I pass the Fitzroy map to hubby so he can do his thing – navigating me! At The Conservatory suddenly strong wind blows followed by light showers, my photo below is the proof.



Inside The Conservatory

 By the time we left the conservatory, the rain has stop. Did you notice my Le Sportsac bag very lucky, followed me to so many countries liao. wahaahah


The Garden

 You need to pay AUD4 for the entrance fee. So we didn’t enter as we’ve seen many cottage liao

Captain Cook's Cottage

 We sat on a bench in the Garden and finish up the strawberry we bought the day before from the Victoria Market. By the time we finish our food, then it started to rain again and we have to run for shelter, but before we knew where to run to the rain stop. crazy! Then we pass by the Cathedral again.

St Patrick's Cathedral

Melbourne Zoo tak jadi pergi, Healesville tak jadi pergi, so we went to Melbourne Muzium. The Melbourne Muzium is right opposite of the Royal Exhibition Building.

Royal Exhibition Building

Walking towards Melbourne Museum

 Inside the Melbourne Museum, we actually spend about 4 hours there, and Melbourne Museum is well worth the visit @ AUD8 per person. Explore  Animals and Plants, Rocks & Fossils, History & Technology, Indigenous Cultures, Human’s Anatomy and many many more. Melbourne Museum is a MUST GO.

Dinosaur Walk

Sian - not scary de

Giant Whale

Same Whale



Melbourne Story

Animal Kingdom

Interactive Display Panel

Jimmy with Polar Bear

Cheryl with Lion

Frog @ Rainforest Section

tengelam -frog

 Had late lunch at the Museum Cafe before continue exploring the Museum.

Museum Cafe

After our visit to the museum we head back to the Central CBD, and hang out at Starbucks for a hot cuppa coffee and bought 2 pack of sushi from the Food court for AUD10.

Sushi from Foodcourt

Basically we were just waiting for the time to fly off back to Malaysia, and since nothing to do after a few hours of walking everywhere we later went to try the KFC lor.

David Jones

KFC not nice wan

 End of Melbourne Trip – When can I come to Australia again ah? Perth? Gold Coast? Sydney? Definitely will plan more days there next time 10-14 days better.wahahahahhahahahahha

Dream… Dream…. Dream….


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