Luncheon Meat Buatan Malaysia

Do you know?

Maybe you know

Maybe you didn’t know

Heck! How do I know you know or didn’t know?

Last Saturday went for our monthly grocery shopping at Tesco. I wanted to buy luncheon meat so I go look at the non-halal shelf. Was looking for my favourite Tulip brand luncheon meat with ham. Habis. No stock as labeled on the shelf.

Then I look at another brand Ma-Ling made in China. Take a look at it once, check the price second, and put it back as soon as I can. Err.. yes its a reputable brand, but from China wor.. I am still worried of the unscrupulous China punya Chinese very reputable business mind. I just couldn’t convince myself to buy it.

At another glance I saw another can of luncheon meat Piggy Brand, I like that 1 even better, its premium luncheon meat from China! Miss the taste of it, but I decided again not to buy it. Hallooo they can contaminate/poison the milk with melamine in year 2008 and cause thousands of children around the world to fall ill, so there’s nothing the China punya Chinese won’t do just to maximise their profit.

(wah I do spell check and I spelled unscrupulous word correctly the first  happy and then not so happy coz I have to copy the spelling the 2nd time I type it here)

*Come Back here and don’t go do spelling check*.

So China Luncheon meat is out! Tulip habis. But I must buy luncheon meat! So I went in to the non-halal section and well well well.. I didn’t know got luncheon meat buatan Malaysia la. Without hesitation I bought the Meaty Premium Luncheon Ham. Quite expensive though for a Buatan Malaysia. Price tag at RM7.80. Babi Malaysia bodoh dan mahal!  Got my luncheon meat at last after spending good 15 minutes just complaining to hubby abt China product and trying to psycho myself to buy the bloody expensive SPAM.

Here, Meaty Brand!  ‘ From our farm to your plate’ wah hahaha lame

Okay okay, I am not saying all China product is bad, or good, I don’t know la! Some of the food still have to buy from Made in China  like the canned button mushroom all made in China geh. Even the more premium Ayam Brand’s button mushroom oso made in China. But I made it a point to check the importer. If directly imported by Malaysian Importer, I am not convinced enough to buy it la. If it is imported by Singaporean Importer and then distributed to Malaysia, then I will buy it. So sorry to Malaysia Government, they are just not convincing enough, Singaporea Government more reputable in making sure the food consumed by their people does not make their people sick. I am a Malaysian and I am sorry for myself coz my government sucks!

Habis cerita kosong!

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