Midnite Blog

Oh dear… my hubby were sleeping soundly now, bless him and today is the 3rd night straight I couldn’t sleep. So happen the 1st night  I think too much of my  Melbourne plan change. Then the 2nd night had some arguments with hubby – I need more love. Tonight, well I should have ordered hot chocolate instead of the coffee jelly cafe latte from Starbuck when I had a drink with Ai Lim. caffeine makes my eyes wide awake … and I am blogging in the middle of the night. Oh I  really needed sleep!!

I swear that Ms. Caffeine is my newfound enemy now. A Bitch. It reminds me that I can fool everyone I’m 25yrs old ‘Ahem’ but I will still lose my battle with Ms. Caffeine every time I challenge it.

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