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New Haircut

Okay, so I’ve got a haircut last week at Peekaboo. Ever since my hairstylist Ivana went back to Indonesia, I am like a lost puppy. Its so hard to find a hairstylist who understand you, and I am delighted to found out from Mi that she has some problem at the Indonesian Immigration, but she […]

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Make Up: Fake Eye lashes + Freshlook Illuminate

Received 3 pairs trial of Freshlook Illuminate with the power I requested but was registered under my hubby’s name. The one I registered by my own name never arrive. I wonder why. Maybe they detected its the same address? Shit.  Anyway, the trial pair came in just in time as I had a wedding dinner […]



Virgin Again

Who say’s Virginity is a once a lifetime experience? Go Japan you’ll regain your virginity. Okay okay today’s topic not about that kind of virginity. I can have lots of virgin experience, literally, well maybe just to me in my blur encyclopedia.   This time, my virginity lies on Fake Eyelashes. I never ever bought any […]




I got my hair cut last night, and tell you the saloon is full of customers, all of them chinese having their last minute hair cut like me before the Chinese New Year this weekend. And for the first time, I am seated at the chair nearest to the door. Luckily I made an appointed […]

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I am so beautiful.

I am feeling so beautiful and yes, thank you I know I am beautiful. *wink wink*And I know my hubby couldn’t agree more since the days we have been dating, I’ve told him I am the pretties girl in puchong and since after married, my fame spread to Puchong, Damansara and also Kuantan. Want to […]

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I’m in Love Again

I LOVE YOU L’oCCITANE!!! I DO I DO I DO Last month, Hubby’s colleague ‘Ajuma’ (means Auntie in Korean)Actually her real name is Ellen, she bought me a gift &tadaa!!!! its from L’Occitane. Surprise why she send me a giftbut I really appreciated it. The gift: Rose ConditionerEnriched with rose blossom water, this express use […]

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New Hair Cut

I had a new hair cut again.. hahathe previous new hairstyle was well soon after my weddingin Dec 2008. I quite like that style as its simple andno fussy hair makeover every morning which save mea few minutes more on beauty sleep Well this new hair cut were shorter than the previous 1more Bob like […]

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