Hairstyle CNY 2009

Last friday, while in the pantry making my usual cup of hot coffee, my colleague asked me whether i will have a new hair cut for the CNY. Hello I just had my hair cut mid of December 2008, didn’t you notice? Guess my haircut then not so drastic in length so nobody notice.

Anyway, my hair wasn’t as manageable as what i expected, especially my front part of hair which i asked the hairstylist Ivana to cut, she suggested i grow it long, but its become curly curly, and i hated it.Saw those curly curly hair.. I dun like it…

Browse through the net, look here i want this type of haircut. Made an appointment with Peekaboo TTDI Ivana. Sunday went for this haircut, turn out, not exactly the same, have haircut and wash (RM65), treatment before colour (RM60) colour (RM180). Total Bill RM305.

So expensive, hubby knows i went for haircut, turn out i do more than what i planned. He sure know i can’t control myself. Dun even dare to tell him the price, asked hubby to look at the bill end of the day when the bank send in the statement. I know i sure kena lecture from hubby, i overspend again.

Apart from the expensiveness, I quite like the new look, I look years younger, hehe thats most importantly, I felt like i look like chibi maruko the japanese cartoon little girl. The hair color this time is noticeable.. which my money not gone totally wasted. If nobody notice the hair color i’ll be upset, coz not noticeable = waste money.

Summo, this time, my hair no layer at all, i like my hair all same length, much neater look and manageable, if too much layer, my hair will fly here and there so messy… at this moment, my hairstylist Ivana is doing a great job.

Boss came back from Bangkok, surprise of my new haircut. I simply ask him “Nice or not?”. Very quickly he answer very nice, I am too thick skin to ask such question haha see I am not a shy gal.

My New Look 2009.

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