New Haircut

Okay, so I’ve got a haircut last week at Peekaboo. Ever since my hairstylist Ivana went back to Indonesia, I am like a lost puppy. Its so hard to find a hairstylist who understand you, and I am delighted to found out from Mi that she has some problem at the Indonesian Immigration, but she is trying her very best to come back Malaysia. Delighted and waiting eagerly.

About my haircut, I don’t have any photos to show it yet, my moron Hubby doesn’t want to give me a helping hand of taking a nice picture of me and I am bad at taking my own picture, it’ll always turn out looking like an ugly sicko bitch.

Oh well, my recent haircut, wasn’t really bad, just that its abit too short from my liking at the back of my hair. Lucky it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster, and I got mixed comments from my hubby, friends and colleagues. Hubby were saying OKAY, maybe he scare I will do something to my hair if he said not nice. He is smart to reserve his comments, because if he says bad he’ll have a bad time hearing the wife bitching about everything. So Okay is the best answer. He’ll hear less bitching and the wife will walk like 20 times less a day to the bathroom, room or wherever that has a mirror to look at, not including countless question: How do I look like now?? Hmm? how bout now? Or like this? How?

Today Wendy  saw my haircut. She like my haircut this time compare to the one I had before Chinese New Year? Seriously.. which haircut? I totally forgotten how I look like during CNY that I have to check my FB photos. Then some says look stylish, but still its still too short for me. It wasn’t ME style. Its a wilder version of Cheryl. 😦

Guess what, again, while I am blogging here, when the aircond is blowing, I can really feel my neck is cold.. (sounds eerie.. today is July 14!! The ‘G’ come out to play day! I better sleep early).

Of all the comments, I started to see myself, having a haircut, similar from a few ppl that I’ve known. Haish, all this while I don’t really like to look like somebody somebody, or hearing oh your haircut looks like who and who? I still prefer my Chibi haircut. I need another 6 months for my hair to grow back and be Chibi again.

Next time, I shall show a picture of Chibi Maruko to my stylist.

This is my new Hairstylist. Her skills is  pretty good.  I need to communicate more with her next time.

. Mi @ Peekaboo TTDI

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