I got my hair cut last night, and tell you the saloon is full of customers, all of them chinese having their last minute hair cut like me before the Chinese New Year this weekend. And for the first time, I am seated at the chair nearest to the door. Luckily I made an appointed earlier and Ivana, oh thank god she is still working and has not yet gone back to Surabaya Indonesia. She told me when she is cutting my hair that she will be start taking leave for 2 weeks starting Wednesday.
So.. after 1 year of Chibi-like hairstyle and some minor modification, Ivana finally convinced me to let her re-style my hair, now my hair look like erm.. modern like? edgier? back of the hair similar to Rihanna according to Jynn. I kept asking my colleagues this morning, how do I look with my new hair cut, which is better? Before of after.. luckily I got a number of positive answers, guess I am just insecure? Maybe I am insecure.. maybe its been awhile I’d had other hair style, maybe I really like to be Chibi.. I do like the Chibi hair style.. what is wrong with that. I look younger that way I think. Now I look abit sophisticated in my unsophisticated mind and appearance/body. Does this hairstyle suit me? Maybe.. I am trying to accept it, and try to like it, well wait till I wash my hair tonight and see will my hair be still look like out of the saloon.
Nevertheless, I still need to wait for the King to be back and give me some nods and comments.. anyhow I will grow it back longer still and try not to have the back of my hair look so short like now. I still like a more feminine look ME.
Ooh.. my stylist did a great job of cutting my hair all this while, and Nope I am not complaining about her here at all, she is the best hair stylist I ever had and I will still continue to go back to her for my hair cuts (usually if I dun like a stylist I wont return) but not her.. not Ivana.
Here is how Ivana look like. She is an Indonesian Chinese, speak very fair mandarin, still the best to speak English with her, very friendly gal.. isn’t she look cute?

She is attached to TTDI Peekaboo btw. (photo dig from

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