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Steamed Garlic Freshwater Patin Fish

Its been a while since I last cook.. don’t know why so busy. Busy at being lazy. Its also time for us to finish the fish in the fridge, so this time I have successfully steam the freshwater patin fish without the  need to put too much ginger to kill the fishy taste. With the fresh fish […]

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Buffalo Wing Poser, Horny Duck Linguinni & Ah Neh Neh Lamb Shank for Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my 26th …err 32nd birthday, but I still felt like its my 26th birthday, because I am young and beautiful as always. Okay, I know y’all must be having slight nausea here, sure got something wrong with you , better go for health check lor. Guess some of you may be asking what I got […]

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Apple Chips is a healthy snack, naturally sweet and does not make you fat! What’s more, you can use old and going to rot apple to make this.pssst.. ‘Nobody knows’ if you serve them, its delicious. This is the first time I made this btw, and I use a long long overdue apple that has been […]


Avocado fever

Avocado….avocado….avocado….avocado…..avocado…. Have been eyeing avocado whenever I went to Cold Storage near to office. . but never bought any coz dunno how to choose. Then last Sunday went to the night market and ask the seller. He said the one as black as a charcoal means its ripe and ready to be eaten. So I […]

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Staying Healthy

Do you stay healthy for yourself or Do you stay healthy so that your loves ones do not suffer.. and the worst case scenario misses you? This morning, I thought of my ex- friend driver, Adenan. It has been 9 months now that he has left us, in his sleep due to heart attack in case you […]

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Chekai Apple Strudel

 Here’s the list of the left overs I used for the Chekai  Apple Strudel     South African Red Apples – 1 month + (cannot remember wahahahha) Kawan Puff Pastry – Too long to remember Palm Sugar – from Cambodia, imagine from November last year. Its free from Mdm. Sachiko Low Fat Whipped Cream – Since June after I […]


Baked Sweet Potato

On one Lazy Saturday, after we’ve stuffed ourself with lots of Local Malay junks like Keropok Leko, Triangular dunno what that taste like curry puff, and the so light and crunchy Apam, I decided to bake the Leftover Potato so that I can skip cooking dinner wahahahha. Okay, here’s my Baked Sweet Potato. Cut to half, […]

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