Staying Healthy

Do you stay healthy for yourself or Do you stay healthy so that your loves ones do not suffer.. and the worst case scenario misses you?

This morning, I thought of my ex- friend driver, Adenan. It has been 9 months now that he has left us, in his sleep due to heart attack in case you didn’t know. I was wondering how his wife and children cope without their father around. Its so heartbreaking thinking of them.. Adenan and his family.

My hubby sure think I am crazy for thinking about sad things.

But then.. it got me wonder.. we stay healthy, eat healthly, drive safely on the road, drink moderately, stop smoking .. go exercise, take supplements.. all these for yourself  OR  So that your loves ones are protected, so that your family will be able to be with you longer.. as long as one wish to be.. to grow old together and enjoy life.. free from bad health conditions? Of course no one will ask for the bad things to happen..

Most of the time, doctor advise to eat healthy and exercise moderately to maintain good health. Food that has less salt, less sugar no MSG food are always prepared from home, not that homecooking is tasteless, but it should be healthier version of the food we ordered when we’re out dining.


So…….what I want to say.. is

“Dear husband, from now on..if I cook you vegetarian.. don’t complaint. Its for your health. If I cook meat, we eat moderately for protein. Whatever food that I prepare… if its tasteless.. it could be the best food to serve.. we are not young anymore.. Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver, block arteries, lung complications, and what’s not will come knocking on our door if we don’t eat right. betul tak?”

So we start eating more vegetables without meat ok!


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