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Smackphone Moron. Are you?

Suppose wrote a longer post, somehow my earlier post wasn’t what I want to published. Stupid de.. dunno what happen to wordpress. Ya, now I am complaining. Alright, I hope I remember what I wrote, but its no fun to think again and reconstruct it nicely as before. Okay, so no, I am going to be […]


18SX: How to determine

I’m stunned when I saw this. Good thing about WordPress is you can see what people type in search engine to get to your page. But.. Virginity? Power of World Wide Web, you can search just about anything, so just out of curiosity, I googled how to determine men’s virginity, here’s the answers Damn Unfair!


2nd Holiday Plan this year

I AM GOING TO HONG KONG IN NOVEMBER 2010 But WITHOUT MY HUBBY!! I’m happy that I’d be travelling with my parent and be able to pamper them and bring them to Hong Kong for Holiday and taking care of them while my sis who is going there with us will surely be occupied and busy […]

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Sian Ah

I very Sian Ah Working very sian ah Traffic Jam very sian ah No money very sian ah Waiting for holiday very sian ah No blog to read very sian ah Dunno what to blog oso sian ah Choosing which tour also sian ah Rugi on Currency xchange very sian ah Hubby not around very sian ah Sleep […]


Immitation Crocs

Crocs Saya Original La! Prima When I first owned a pair of Crocs Prima, Hubby bought it for me at KLCC when my niece’s sport shoe’s sole is somewhat malfunctioning. So while my niece choosing hers.. my heart dance when I get to choose one, not that I cant afford, but well I love gifts! It was Dec 2008 then […]

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Discovered the bat last Thursday when I left to work in the morning and saw the same place at the staircase got those weird thing and drops of juices or something,  that is so fresh coz its still glistening, I slowly look up and saw the bat. I am in shock! I am bat-terrorized  for a while but I still […]

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Who SOLD Me?

Time tested and now I lose my temper on those phone calls, I’m sorry that you called. Yea! Coz I am damn pissed off! I got these kind of calls almost everyday and its frustrating!! Who Sold me? Who? tell me ! tell me! Idiot Moron, you make money without my permission you stupid Onion […]