Remember the song Rythm of the Rain? Perfect song for a rainy days I think 😛
When its raining have you ever ponder upon what kind of person are you? Most of the time ppl ask are u a sunrise person or a sunset person. Then which one are you? A Sunshine person or a Rainy person?
A friend once told me, a person who loves rain are a sensual and romantic person.
I think rain can brings alot of different emotions to different people, depending on the situation you’re in, where are you, and what you are doing that day, plans ahead or who you are with at that moment.
At times, when its raining, there’s a sudden feeling to weep especially if I am alone, and there are times I would be so relieved, light hearted, happy, merry, and warm.
For me, rain can be a cause of feeling calm, peacefullnes to wash over you, and make you extremely reflective, brings lots of thoughts about past and present, the struggle you had been through. However my feelings and emotion could be at that time, I love listening to the rain, watching the raindrops especially when I am alone which I much enjoyed, I would feel so at peace.
I’d always imagine that I would be sitting by the window in a nicely decorated cafe enjoying a cuppa Hot Cocoa and a good book to read, and watching a really beautiful bird finding shelter on a big tree nearby, listening to the raindrops and forget about everything.

Imagine how would it feel to dance in the rain, get myself soaking wet, is there any chance? Something like dancing in the rain like in the movies? haha

Its raining now actually, and I am listening to good music, so blissful and it would be nice if hubby able to meet me at a nearby cafe and enjoy a cuppa of coffee with me.
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