Discovered the bat last Thursday when I left to work in the morning and saw the same place at the staircase got those weird thing and drops of juices or something,  that is so fresh coz its still glistening, I slowly look up and saw the bat. I am in shock! I am bat-terrorized  for a while but I still manage to ran upstairs to get 3 shots of the bat pic! ( bad images either the staircase ceiling too high, or my camera sucks, most likely my camera sucks)

My heart were pumping so fast coz I’m scared the bat will wake up and bite me, but then on 2nd thought bats are blind right? right?  Text my SIL to ask the Management Office and get rid of it. Lucky the Bat has not returned. Wonder what they did to the bat? Barbeque it? Can’t release it back to the wild right, coz it’ll find the way back here, like what it did before or turn to vampire 😛 ?

hmm.. Stupid bat.. main jauh jauh sikit la!



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