A N N O U N C E M E N T: You Must See It!

OMG OMG OMG  I got myself a Dot Com! After several months of  toying with the idea, asking dumbass questions to the techy dude  and with support from hubby (* grin* Ny I love u) who happen to fund my Dot Com – u n w i l l i n g l y, finally its happening… I am migrating to Australia.  […]

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If I’ve Known You Earlier

*Imagine Gary Cao song playing in the background: See lyrics below* Me: Hey I’ve never seen your younger photos, except the one on Shynn’s table. Hubby: Yea, I didn’t know where are all the old photos is. Me: You were so fat in the photo, the only photo I saw, you were standing at the staircase there. […]

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The Art of Staying Alive

  THE ART OF STAYING ALIVE ” Thou Must Eat Together With Your Wife” “Thou Must Wait for Her To Finish Eating” “Thou Must Give Your Credit Card to Her To Spend”   I am not kidding. Its all about survival in the domestic land of  No Justice.   To my hubby: If you haven’t found out why […]

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Cuckoo Bird Party

Came home one evening, and found those birds chirping happily  outside my home, they must be having a party. So I snap this photo for you to see. Cute or not?  

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Steamed Garlic Freshwater Patin Fish

Its been a while since I last cook.. don’t know why so busy. Busy at being lazy. Its also time for us to finish the fish in the fridge, so this time I have successfully steam the freshwater patin fish without the  need to put too much ginger to kill the fishy taste. With the fresh fish […]

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Smackphone Moron. Are you?

Suppose wrote a longer post, somehow my earlier post wasn’t what I want to published. Stupid de.. dunno what happen to wordpress. Ya, now I am complaining. Alright, I hope I remember what I wrote, but its no fun to think again and reconstruct it nicely as before. Okay, so no, I am going to be […]


Birthday Celebration @ Brotzeit

On Monday, went to Midvalley with Wendy Tham,  a very dear friend of mine, to celebrate my birthday. As usual we talk non stop whenever we meet up eventhough we chatted almost daily, its like having a relationship with her wahahhaha She gave me this for my birthday this year and expect I wear it for the next […]

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