Bittersweet Moment

From My Dearest Hubby:   “Don’t be Sad God Preparing Us For Next Trip~ Scary” Guess my next trip coming soon? In consolation? Advertisements

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Buffalo Wing Poser, Horny Duck Linguinni & Ah Neh Neh Lamb Shank for Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my 26th …err 32nd birthday, but I still felt like its my 26th birthday, because I am young and beautiful as always. Okay, I know y’all must be having slight nausea here, sure got something wrong with you , better go for health check lor. Guess some of you may be asking what I got […]

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paris Baquette

The conversation goes: Hubby: I save you a bread Me: ? Hubby: My boss gave me a bread, apparently its very famous in Korean now. Me: Oh meh series? The Bread so famous meh?   Then I ask uncle google.. and auntie wiki. So this bread comes from the popular Paris Baguette Brand from South Korea. […]

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Birthday celebration @ Teapot with Santa Claus & Santa Chin

Last Friday went out with my gang members wahahhahah.. Lim said she is Santa Claus for that night as everyone received a gift from her This time, we went to Teapot Cafe at SS2. Its our first visit here suggested by  Lim as she said the interior very nice. True enough!  Lim gave me my […]

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Today is 10.10.10, and I think I should do something to commemorate this special day. So my special 10.10.10 includes Have short nap throughout the day, while got ignored by somebody playing solitare Watched Grey Anatomy and shed some tears  Got tortured by hubby, couples of time with his killer chin Listen to poof  sound – my […]

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Treasured Friend at a place of treasure- Cafe Barbera

Writing this post today, 2 weeks after Ai Lim and I had dinner with Andy at Cafe Barbera, Bangsar suddenly occur to me that we’ve known Andy for 13 years? Whoaa….. wow 13 years since 1997 in Olympia. Everyone has changed so much, and how of all 4 God brothers that we have, Eldest -Gary Oh, 2nd Bro- Kian Nan, 3rd […]

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Day 7 – Fitzroy Garden & Melbourne Museum

I wanted to visit one of the many garden in Melbourne at least before heading home, so I chose Fitzroy Garden as it has The Conservatory and Captain Cook’s Cottage. We check out of the hotel and left our luggage at the conceirge then took the free tram to Elizabeth Street and walk to FG, the […]

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