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The Rise of the Terminator

Special Interview with Mrs Homely about the Rise of Terminator: Interviewer: Who is the Terminator? Arnold Szwar ‘ mat ‘ nigger  retired long time ago right? Mrshomely : ME Interviewer: Ohohoho (laugh like santa) Why you? Mrshomely: Coz I said so?!!? Why you need to argue with me? Enough of my own bullshit _____________________________________________________________________________ I hope PETA […]


Tefal Clipso Modulo

Pls welcome the new addition to my kitchenware, the TEFAL CLIPSO MODULO Pressure Cooker. Cool huh this thing.. Thanks to Hubby, now I can save lots of time for cooking soup and stews.

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Lovely Furniture

Ingenius Idea. Where can I get one of those? Made to Order?

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Spring Cleaning

Anyone does spring cleaning to welcome new year 2010? Maybe I am just another typical ah lian that follow the chinese customs, and will do a major spring cleaning before CNY arrive, and up to today, I have not done any spring cleaning. Aside from spring cleaning, its also a Spring ‘Throw Out’ I would […]

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Gardening- The Beginner

Today is my first day of the Balcony Indoor Gardening.These are the things that I’ve bought to get started.Nothing much, but the damage was quite big! Cost:1) Pruning Shears = RM172)Set of 3 Garden Tools = RM6.903) Flower Seeds = RM4.50 per packet X 34) Planters Box x 2, Soil x 2 packets, a baby […]

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My Green Home

Next week, I am going to embark on my new journey of Green Home. Yep, will be learning Garderning!! Er by the way how do I know whether I have Green Thumb? Anyway I guess Green Thumb are not born with, its more like a cultured and well researched skill, all learned through Experience.. Which […]

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House Creatures

This morning when I woke up, and while I searchthrough my drawer of clothes, I saw my long timeforgotten wool blouse. “Maybe I can wear this to workthis morning” I thought. Then I saw something crawlingvery very slowly, a very tiny worm on my blouse.A black abt 5mm long worm like eating the wool. OMG..Y […]

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