My Green Home

Next week, I am going to embark on my new journey of Green Home.
Yep, will be learning Garderning!!
Er by the way how do I know whether I have Green Thumb?
Anyway I guess Green Thumb are not born with, its more like a
cultured and well researched skill, all learned through Experience..
Which means those early potted plant that I’ve already bought and
planning to buy next week they’ll be my guinea pig. So sorry for
them, but of course no worries as I will try my best to nourish you,
and if the plant turn yellow, going to wilt I will try to revive it with
God knows how lar by then. lol
To be less risky and to prolonged the life of the plant and money
well spend (The longer the plant can be alive, the money spend are more worthwhile),
I will buy those plants with thick leaves, so they need less water
and I don’t have to water them everyday (I tend to forget to water the plant
I bought from Ikea, hubby has been helping me to water them without me realizing)
Then will buy some seeds for flowers that are so easy to sprout
and need less attention, not forgetting the black sand or what its
called? I am no gardener, the specific term or the name of plant
are alway unknown and describe in my own term of understanding.
What do I care right? My blog my language.
Ops back to the Gardening part. Then I am going to learn organic
composting, so then when I’ve culture better gardening skill I will
plant herbs, then will get water lily with some small fish which again
does not need much of my attention, then those money plant that
will grow on walls (wah I am too Enthusiastic now)
Shall I call myself Gardening Enthusiast?
Imagining My Green Home, wall colour also green. hahahaha

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