Gardening- The Beginner

Today is my first day of the Balcony Indoor Gardening.
These are the things that I’ve bought to get started.
Nothing much, but the damage was quite big!

1) Pruning Shears = RM17
2)Set of 3 Garden Tools = RM6.90
3) Flower Seeds = RM4.50 per packet X 3
4) Planters Box x 2, Soil x 2 packets, a baby plant, fertilizer = RM40

Here’s how my gardening situation in control, halfway through:

The flowers seed, where i soak it with water.
I saw my mum did it for vegetables seed, but hmm look at the
sunflower seed, the colour is coming out. Nvm, no need soak
next time.

Okay, this part is what I dreaded! Can you see them?

The uninvited? I never visual that I have to deal with
these creatures!! Mr. Lipan. Not just 1 but 2.. found inside
the soil. .. I can’t abandon my Gardening project because of
them, so I use the mini shovel and dig it and throw it out at the
garden downstair. They can find better home downstairs.
But not my balcony!

Okay, so my gardening for today is done. Have to water them, and loads
of TLC. I’ll show more pictures, if they ever sprout.
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