House Creatures

This morning when I woke up, and while I search
through my drawer of clothes, I saw my long time
forgotten wool blouse. “Maybe I can wear this to work
this morning” I thought. Then I saw something crawling
very very slowly, a very tiny worm on my blouse.
A black abt 5mm long worm like eating the wool. OMG..
Y on earth got such thing in my drawer? I think I will
bring all the clothes out and wash it this Saturday. Nvm
I need a bright day today, I’ll wear something bright today.
My Orangy blouse should do the trick with pair with my
Orangy Red pump. Happy Day Ahead!!!

Then I went to shower, and when I get back to the room…
Spider on my Bed!!! Y there’s another insect in my room!!!
I think I should kill it.. after much fuss the Spider got away
Stupid Spider! Go Away! Shit! Keeping my cool now.. I must
get ready to work.. putting on my suppose promising
happy orangy blouse and my make up.. A bit late already
but its okay, my office so near right. Humming the song
Hopelessly Devoted To You a 80’s song.. on air yesterday
morning by RedFM.

When I am ready to go downstairs, carrying my bag and all,
I saw a baby house lizard at the staircase running to hide!!!
What The Hell!!
Why choose my house as a breeding ground?
Worm, Lizard, Spider, Ants.. Cockroaches!!!
GO AWAY !!!!
I’ll give you Million dollars!!


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