I am so miss the time, when i am not married, still staying with parents,
and come to think of it actually I am rather selfish. I don’t do housechores
on weekday, I only do it on Saturday when I feel like it, and all I do was
sweeping and mopping the floor FULL STOP. Sometimes I do some
cooking as well, as Mon- Fri I am working, Saturday is the only time I’ve
got to do it and Sunday I am out with Jimmy whole day.

Yeah.. happiness for me.. but not my mum. Now I feel her frustration,
her difficulties, her tiredness..etc.
My mum have to work too, and she work for offices around Old Klang Road area,
everyday she will ride in her motorbike and go to offices depending the schedule
and clean the office.

This is what we call Office Cleaning Lady. She have to wipe tables, vacuum
the floor, take a pail of water everywhere with the washclothes, then
she have to wash toilet too. Its a hard job and its very tiring.
Sometimes I help my mum to do it, and there’s once when my mum
have a fracture on her toes, I helped her to clean 2 offices on Sat while
the rest of mum’s office will have to find temporary cleaner. (some even
discontinued mum’s service.. but well its not today’s topic so i’ll just leave it
as it is here)

See.. Thats my mum’s job. To feed us, to educate us, how she brought us up
with my father’s small income (thats what my mum says everytime).
After work, mum will come home and cook and do other housechores. By
the time she finish housechores she is really exhausted. So sorry mum,
I should have help u more at home.

Housework for Housewife?
How to put this.. Housechores.. in nowadays modern community,
Men and Women are equal, both Husband and Wife work.. so therefore
Housechores= shared responsibility.

I am okay with the shared responsibility.. not like my mum’s generation.
But still I’m not spared from not doing any of it.. as my hubby concluded
since he is so busy and need to work at home at times, it is unwise for
me to ask him drop his work and do the housechores with me, when
i am so free at home and got nothing else to do.

So here is the shared responsibility.
Wash toilet X 2

Everything in the Room
The Kitchen
The Living Hall
The staircase and the small Living Hall
Wash and fold clothes

That’s our shared responsibility.

Did I mention? I suppose to stop doing the cleaning for the Living Hall and Kitchen
just to see who can withstand the dust at home, and the fallen hair etc. For 1mth +
I did not clean the living hall, just the room, but I’ve lost. She is not moving her ass
at all to do any of it and it sucks!!! Why on earth there is this kind of person.
Lazier ass than me. I am not a MAID!

Well, I guess my hubby heard enough on my statement ‘ I am not a MAID’.
I’ve concluded, If I am not in the Mood to do housechores, Just get the hourly maid
and get hubby and SIL to pay. I don’t care anymore. I am done!

I’ll do when I feel like it. FULL STOP

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