Spring Cleaning

Anyone does spring cleaning to welcome new year 2010? Maybe I am just another typical ah lian that follow the chinese customs, and will do a major spring cleaning before CNY arrive, and up to today, I have not done any spring cleaning.
Aside from spring cleaning, its also a Spring ‘Throw Out’ I would say.
Speaking of cloths I’ve brought clothes that I kept at mum’s wardrobe and sort of like transfer of wardbrobe and there are plenty of clothes I had not worn for over a year ore more so to be precise.. can’t fit into it anymore. The Clothes Throw Out is a painful ritual, especially I’ve spend so much on it. I usually will divide my clothes by the category of :
1) To be worn in the future when I slim down
2) To be worn when the occasion arrive
3) New, never worn cannot throw
4) I can wear it as houseclothes
5) To be given away/ donate
6) To be sold as pre-owned.
All and all this category, I usually end up keeping these clothes back into my wardrobe, with a changed position or in a nicer box or a better shopping bag. ..
Besides clothes, I hate clutter, so I will throw out things that does not soothes my ‘Mood’ of the spring clean. .. and the best part of the spring clean I’d say my reward of the hardwork, I can re-box, re-organise and re-decorate.
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