Durian Dusun

Wanna know why suddenly we go balik kampung? Hubby wanted to shut my mouth! Apa lagi? He promised to bring me makan durian Pahang. Hubby promised to bring me makan durian and I promised to stop talking about durian. Actually I am forbidden to even mention D.U.R.I.A.N. So we went to dusun/orchard to eat durian.
Geographically I don’t know where is this dusun. Near Beserah or near Balok or errr I’m lost. Everywhere look the same to me here.
Wah my hubby so geng wor or is he learning how to choose durian from BIL?
Jalan-Jalan cari makan. Durian got eyes one. They won’t fall on your head!
Durian… Don’t ask me what breed. I forgot dy.
Cooking dodol durian for hours . .. hard work!
Kakak says that the durian seed is added when cooking the durian dodol, so that the dodol wont stick on the bottom of the wok.
After durian.. we go melancung!
This is the place where the Woohoo Movie is film.
From far.. see the arrow. There’s the place for Woohoo dance.
Can Recall ? Woohoo Movie?
Then bought Salty fish for Wendy, Anchovies for mum.
The End-

  1. #1 by blurcheryl on July 30, 2010 - 2:13 pm

    Will bring to you soon la…

  2. #2 by wendy on July 30, 2010 - 10:06 am

    kawan, thanks alot wor ………… but till now i havent get my salted fish leh….

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