Balok for Fresh Fish

For the past years my BIL has been supplying fresh fish for us to bring back to KL. TQVM. Because of my BIL, we get to eat really Fresh fish and I stopped buying fish from KL. Living in the city we hardly get fresh fish. . and hah! I didn’t know that by successfully Netting my hubby (my sui yu) I get real fresh fish to eat! not that my hubby is a fish monger or what but he  has an awesome Brother who cleverly hunt for fresh fish all around Kuantan.

Wanna go see fresh fish?

Last Saturday evening we went to Balok located about 13 km away from Kuantan which is famous for wind surfing activity. So from Kuantan  you’ll pass by Pak Su Restaurant  in Beserah before reaching the Swiss Garden Resort which is located very near to Balok. According to my BIL, he frequented Balok for its fresh fish! What I am saying fresh here is.. the fishes probably are still alive or just died on the counter. Yes, that kind of fresh! Fresh Catch from the Fisherman everyday.

Here’s a few photo’s to share. How to get to this Pasar Nelayan in Balok I have no idea. I really couldn’t give you any direction. I know that you have to turn into the inner kampung area. Maybe you can use a GPS to find Pasar Nelayan LKIM Balok, or ask the locals.

This pasar Nelayan is very small only, and its near to the beach.

I’m so excited about fresh fish, I went down to the market and have a look.  Fresh Grouper, 5 left and my BIL bought 2 for our dinner the 3 left are of smaller size. and as shown in the photo there’s still 1 fish left that is alive! Yes.. I am not kidding you.

 See those flies there? It shows the fish is super fresh wor.. Lalat oso makan you dunwan makan ah? If no lalat/ flies then the fish is full of chemical ok!

Fresh Kembong Fish. Look at the skin on the back of the fish.. its greenish in colour. I never seen any fresh kembong before, I thought this was another kind of fish, the colour just tricked me into thinking such way. Usually the kembong fish colour is dark greyish, come out from freezer is that kind of colour if not mistaken. But this shows how fresh the fish is.. its greenish! and the standard-Look at the clear fish eyes!

This one here is Barracuda. So gigantic. Dunno taste nice or not.

Barracuda very ugly la!


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