Hao Yau Teluk Kumbar Seafood Restaurant

One of the main reason we went to Penang is about food, specifically seafood. We went to to Hao Yau Teluk Kumbar Seafood Rest (recommended by Axian on Astro) for dinner.

Look at the crowd. Its only like 6.45pm at that time. Hmm I think hubby is following my tweet twit

We chosed to sit facing the beach.. look at the row of sampan

Artistic Photo! hahahahahhahahaah tak malu

While waiting for the food to arrive, we ordered sate ayam! Super Nice! Thumbs Up! Must try this!

Fried Calamari. We finish 1 plate and order 2nd plate later.. too good! and Fresh! Not rubbery / chewy at all.

Giant Mantis Prawn. Guess what! Price at RM25 per piece. Freaking Expensive.. but fresh la.

Bamboo Clam.. Giant wor.. not so to me la… I tasted Giant 1 before.. this is just normal size jek

Lala lala Lala lala .. biasa oni

Giant Crab.. sweet and sour sauce.. RM50 per kg .. Sky high price for this size.. Not worth it.. I think Greenview Seafood Crab is better.

” Psst… ny.. bila bring me eat Giant Crab at Greenview ah?”

We also ordered ‘Bak Cheok Har’ (prawn) but I didn’t take the pic, too busy eating crab.

Total Bill RM278 include  all above dish, plus Fried Kangkung Belacan, 3 big bottle of beer, 2 drinks, 1 coconut.

AXIAN did not tell the seafood here is pricey! 😦

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