Mustafa Cendol

Another trip back to Kuantan last weekend. It was a smooth ride home on and it took us 2.5hrs this time to reach kuantan. Poor Lynn fell down on Saturday morning near Taman Gelora while training for Sunday sports day with her friends. I decided not to post her injuries photo here.. but the fall was really bad.

As usual, back to Kuantan must go to Mustafa Cendol which is located next to Shell Petrol Station nearby  Vistana Hotel, Kuantan.We ordered Rojak! Its the best in town! Must Try! Don’t go order Rojak Ayam.. 2 ketul ayam kecik, not worth. Just Rojak Biasa ok! (thats what my niece said)

ABC and Cendol !! I always go for Kurang Manis. Never dissapointed. Love it so much! Here when you tell them kurang manis they betul betul deliver. Not like other seller tell them  kurang manis they serve  lagi manis! regret to tell.

What the hell, I blog about this Mustafa Cendol before. Nevermind la, since you cannot remember you read similar post before, this is the longer version of Mustafa Cendol post, at least the photo this time is clearer. Don’t complain.


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