SUMI-KA Yakitori

Sumi-ka, a yakitori restaurant famously known and frequented by Japanese community here, open in more or less about 2 years ago. A  reservation is a must to dine there, or you will be dissapointed by making a trip to this busy side of Subang Jaya with all the traffic congestion.

My fond memories of Sumi-ka, was the first time I dine here  abt 1-2 yrs ago with Fujimoto-san, in one of his farewell dinner alongside with Go-san to accompany him. The bill comes up to RM700-900 that night with about 7 of us dining there, in a cramp table for 4 . Yeah, table for 4 pax but 7 of us sitting there. They only got 2 big tables, and its fully booked, way before. Crazy!!

Another farewell dinner at Sumi-ka this time, for Go-san. So sad! Sumi-ka seems like a place for us to say our good byes. We had a great time there, fun filled with naughty laughters from ham-sap remarks in Nihon-jin (Japanese language). Go-san convinced us, he’ll get sued in Japan for Sexual Harrassment.

Some of the words we learn that night: For laughter only!

Meaning: yoshi yoshi (sayang)
Meaning: chin chin (little boy’s banana)
Meaning: Oh (politely said tone)
Meaning: pet pet ( slap)
Meaning: Chin Kuk (Adult banana)
Meaning: Mang Kuk (boobs pussy)
Meaning: Shi ri (ass)
Oh chin chin yoshi yoshi (politely said: sayang the chin chin)
Oh chin chin pet pet (politely said: slap the chin chin)
Oh Shi ri pet pet (politely said: slap the ass)
Oh Chin Kuk pet pet (politely said: slap the chin kuk) ” Go-san said: You cannot do that”
Oh Chin Kuk yoshi yoshi (politely said: Sayang the chin kuk) “Go-san said: Men will turn on when they hear that”
Oh Mang kuk pet pet (politely said: Slap the boobs pussy) ” Go-san got turned on, but immediately turned off when we said tweety bird” Tweety bird is an inside joke.

Yakitori that we had: Oishiiiiiiiii……………………………………

Chicken  Meat, in Wasabi and another with plum sauce.
 Chicken meat ball with radish toppings.
Chicken Neck
Chicken Gizzard
Chicken ass (Bishop Nose)
Chicken Breast Soft Bone  
Chicken Wing (first thing you enter the restaurant, order this. Fast Moving Chicken Wing always sold out)
Chicken Heart Blood Vessel
Beef tongue
Eggplant with Bonito Flakes
More photos:
The 2 auntie and 2 single and available. Kanasai!
Group photo
Go-san new style. 1 sleeve rolled up.
Go-san: “Can I  follow you home?”
Forced to act Cute conversation:
Everyone: Go-san act cute!
Go-san: No way!
Everyone: Go-san you must act cute!
Go-san: No!
Everyone: Act cute!
Go-san: No! I dunno how to act cute.
Anna: Like this?
Go-san: No
Me: Like this?
Go-san: No
Shirli: Like this?
Go-san: No
At last:
“Act cute again”
Go-san: No
” Again”
Go-san: No
“Again!! …. do…. act.. cute!!”
Go san:  No…….. T__T””
After much persuasion, and pressure and our never give up attitude.


  1. #1 by Jynn on August 9, 2010 - 8:46 pm

    oi auntie,
    mang kuk is not boobs laa…
    mang kuk is pussy meow meow la…
    don’t teach your audience wrong thing ok!!

    you should have your big old boss to confirm your vocabulary before you post up ma keke

    • #2 by blurcheryl on August 10, 2010 - 8:19 am

      wah ahahahha okok.. change to pussy lor.. ( I tot I mistaken think of it as pussy in the first place) wahahahahahahha

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