Treasured Friend at a place of treasure- Cafe Barbera

Writing this post today, 2 weeks after Ai Lim and I had dinner with Andy at Cafe Barbera, Bangsar suddenly occur to me that we’ve known Andy for 13 years? Whoaa….. wow 13 years since 1997 in Olympia.

Everyone has changed so much, and how of all 4 God brothers that we have, Eldest -Gary Oh, 2nd Bro- Kian Nan, 3rd bro- Andy and the last – Ryan become what they are now, more successful in their career. Gary is a banker, Kian Nan an accountant, Andy- Manager and Ryan – Certified Wine Expert. How time has flies!! A decade ?!!

I still remember the time when during college, all 4 brothers make an effort to cook us a meal at their condo back in Jalan Ipoh. I forgot what Andy & Kian Nan cook, but I remember Ryan cooked tofu.. but 3 of them really know how to cook a real meal, too bad Gary doesn’t so he have to do all the cleaning. 4 of them also do alot of things to entertain us. Its a sweet sweet memories we have back then .. apart from our Singapore trip with Ai Lim got drunk, crash Kian Nan’s room, and everyone sleeping in the living room -the young, wild and hilarious bunch.

All 4 of them, the one we kept in touch more often and the one got married first is Andy. Little did we know that Andy who is more playful at that time,  branded him the playboy type  tied the knot not long after college to his Thai sweetheart he met while working in a hotel in Johor Bahru. Andy now a father of 2 pretty princess, chose to become a vegetarian for better health.. surprise?

The last time I saw him was at my wedding 2 years ago, and despite his busy schedule in Singapore he flew all the way to share my happiness and given me advise in marriage. I am so happy that we still keep in touch and his advise to me all makes sense when comes to Men vs Venus, Mars vs Women. (don’t have to correct me.. I know the book Mars vs Venus). Even our recent meet up, I still ask his advise on something that happen not long ago.

Andy now works in Cafe Barbera, as a Sales Manager, selling High End Commercial Coffee Machine and Premium coffee beans.

Andy excitedly making the Halal Rum Ice Coffee Blended for us

Me advertising Cafe Barbera

At Cafe Barbera, food that we had (taste very good yo)

Clock wise, Smoke Salmon Bruschetta, Spagetti & Vegetarian Pizza

The restaurant serves Halal food,  with halal drinks, like I mentioned there’s this rum thing taste like rum but its not rum. You really have to try it to know what I mean.

Note: If you are a mosquitoes Magnet- like the Jor Sau Feng, maybe going during the day time would be better.

The End

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