Working Saturday

Today I am working, I forced myself to work today, so that I can save some leave for my London trip, if / when it happens. I ran out of home this morning at 8.02am and reach office at 8.14, whoa.. I am nearly late but I still manage. I didn’t drove like MAD COW but since its a Saturday and nobody’s working, so no one blocking my way.
Sitting at my table, looking .. there are what? approx. 25 person working out of 180 workforce in PJ Office? Most of them took leave and if its not for me wanting to go London, I will definitely take leave today, but I need to sacrifies a bit I know. I am counting down right away, what time shall I go out for Breakfast, Lunch time, Coffee at Starbucks, and going home.
I miss my bed, but I miss weekend time with Hubby more. Hubby enjoying himself home alone, but I knew he misses me.. don’t ask me why, I just knew. Okay Okay.. I’ll tell you why.. he call me when he is back at home after breakfast and lunch with Patrick and he wanted to Shit. Thats y.. hahahaha
I feel so low today, playing games just doesn’t kills time, the time ticking so slow, I started to feel my body aching, coz I sit for too long I didn’t walk here and there to gossip, I usually don’t walk around office, my boss don’t like us “communicating” and I feel nausea, yea I am bored to that extend, I read blogs but friends wasn’t blogging often enough for me to read, pls pls whoever reading this, tell me about your blog, make yourself known so I can read your blog if you have one.
I check on AA fare to London, again and again .. MAS fare again and again in hope that they will revise it to cheaper fare, and I shall book them right away. I really pray there will be another round of Ticket Sale in April or May, I am so looking forward to it, and the AA page still open in my laptop.
My boss called me, and I brought my notebook over, guess what he said .. He said XXXXXXX and haloooo… today is Saturday! You moron.. you should be happy that I am here today, looking at you for 6 days in a week is just grave enough for me, besides you are not doing my appraisal remember?
I wish I can be at home right now, feel so lifeless
Go play Social City now, who’s playing? Be my neighbour please.. please … please… I need more neighbours.. stupid Facebook!
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