When boss coming back ah?

My boss is back. Yes. He is back. For the past 2 days I have been answering to the same questions again and again. ‘When boss coming back ah? What time he is coming back? What time is his flight? Where he stay? I really feel so irritated with such question, which I usually don’t want and reluctant to answer such question and answer it by ‘ Wow, you really miss my boss huh.. or the usual, why you wanna know. But these ppl really doesn’t get the message, Perhaps I should use a speaker and tell everyone Hey Boss not coming back, you all who is kepochi want to know his flight number is bla bla bla touch down bla bla bla took 45 mins to reach office and bla bla bla and you must be seated at your workstation at or by bla bla bla.
I am the secretary, and telling everyone about the boss schedule is unethical to me, and I know bad mouth my boss is also unethical I gotta stop it.. so from now on, I shall not answer any kepochi ppl such question and I shall not bad mouth my boss. Well I can answer yeah, boss wont be around in the morning.. he’ll be back afternoon… generally and don’t be kepochi ask me wat time exactly or I will tell that person off, you shouldn’t ask unless you wanted to meet him for appointment or want to go out for job interview. Pls Pls pandai sikit lar.. aiyo.. isn’t an approximate time not enough?
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