Do you know everyone in your office? I don’t! and how come I dun? Because I am Ignorant, unfriendly, and unapproachable.. I think alot of people think of me that way anyhow need to thank our Stupid HR too, that they never introduce new employee when they join, so I am always puzzled and can’t keep track who is who in the company and who are the temp staff and who are permanent, but anyway  I dun really give a shit whether I know their name as I may think I see you today, maybe I dun see you tomorrow. Sound like Chipsmore Ads 😛

Well, I find this situation awkward when I receive a call yesterday and here goes.

Me: (Phone Rings) Hello?

Guy A: Hi Cheryl, I am Nicholas.

Me: Ah Huh, how can I help you

Guy A: I sent you an email and can you please book me a flight?

Me: You are Nicholas who? Still puzzled? (Siapa ni?!!! Blur)

Guy A: I am Nicholas ah from Service

Me: Errr Still dunno who. What if I need to find him later and tell him something? I dunno who is Nicholas wor.. then I request this “Can you stand up so I can see how you look like? I don’t know who Nicholas la”

Guy A: Stand Up and waving his hand!


We always had lunch together at the pantry and I didn’t even bother to ask his name.  I bet Nicholas knew now that I didn’t know his name, I just recognize him and describe him as the guy from service who bring food from home, neh the chinese guy who wear glasses eat at the pantry? Sorry! Now I knew you are Nicholas Who


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