Ray & Verginia Wedding Dinner 24 Jan 2010

Congratulations to Ray & Verginia (nice name) US, Virginia? hehe maybe she is conceived there. The Wedding Dinner was yesterday and Wei Jun is kind enough to pick 3 of us, pretty ladies up from 3 different locations in his Civic. He is 28 years old this year and still single. Looking for girl friend but not desperate type, a Libran means he is a balanced person, fair, have many friends, loving & caring, understanding, trustworthy! Librans is the best!! I am Libran too.. kekekekkeke lucky he didn’t know my blog, doesn’t want him to know I am promoting him to friends and public. hahahhahaha this 1 is really a good guy!! add him in facebook
We reached the dinner place like so early, 6.40pm so we have so much time and what else we should do? Camera!! Click Click.. here’s some of the pic.

The 3 Leng Lui!!

Then we caught the groom to take photo with us. Bride no where to be seen yet.

Mr. Nice guy Wei Jun and the groom. Hubby said Ray is fat? Nah if hubby you were to see this photo, don’t say I lie to you ya. You are definitely Plumpier and Fatter than Ray yo!! Don’t worry and I love you so.

Mr. Kent Wong not available sorry. I witness him bring the girl friend to the wedding.

More free time. Here is one of the unsuccessful self take photo, at the not so right angle, almost ternampak my armpit and the ugly looking me… but but but.. Josephine look nice in this photo, so shouldn’t waste it right? Josephine is also single and available, plenty of interested guys .. who wants her number?! Nah.. I wont give it out. Add her on facebook.

We met 2 new girls sitting at our table, Fanny and Jane? Exchange numbers and email during the tipsy time.. after many rounds of bottoms up beer, liquor mix beer, and red wine. I went crazy I dunno Josephine did or not but she went along with my craziness. In fact I am not that crazy I am a decent married women but when husband not around would really talk alot my talks were actually helping Josephine and Kiko to get the numbers/ contact of potential single.
Apparently did not get any last night. shame. But we had great time.. and its Sunday and I couldn’t care less .. just enjoy myself, meanwhile who else getting married from Honda? Not so many chances right..as usual I bla bla bla bla
BTW.. are we really.. like really going to call Fanny and Jane during CNY to have dinner together at Hulu Langat? Let the 2 guys decide.. maybe Eugene interested? Or Wei Jun interested?

I had abit of hangover this morning though, and I was dreaming of Malta drinks before I woke up this morning, and I am so thirsty I wanted to wake up and sneak downstair to get the chilled Malta.. crazy but true.. and I am still thinking of the Malta until now.. its in my bag and I brought the bottle opener.. I have no chance to drink it yet. I want to scream!! Suppose to have opened the bottle this morning.. hubby said I should take 100+ not Malta.

My Malta.. you wait ah.. I sure will drink u up here or at home.. be patient.. you never left my mind.
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