paris Baquette

The conversation goes:

Hubby: I save you a bread
Me: ?
Hubby: My boss gave me a bread, apparently its very famous in Korean now.
Me: Oh meh series? The Bread so famous meh?
Then I ask uncle google.. and auntie wiki. So this bread comes from the popular Paris Baguette Brand from South Korea. established in November, 1986 and produces high quality french classic bread and confectionary products. (Old brand name)

Paris Baguette

 Then why this bread so famousleh? Have you heard of the” the Most Filling Bread in the World’? Ya. This is the one, which is also a Barley Rice Bread, that appear in the Korean Drama The Baker King aka Bread, Love Dreams.

This bread appear in Bread, Love Dreams

My first bite on the bread, it was really soft, then it taste like wholemeal but a very soft wholemeal bread, a little chewy texture and have little corn kernel in it surprisingly. The bread taste quite nice .. then I ask hubby got summore or not.. wahahah unfortunately my hubby only took 1 for me. So 1 bread have to share 3 person aiyo.

Still dunno what bread this is?

If you got watch that Korean show, then you know which bread I am talking about yo.. (actually I haven’t watch the drama yet de)

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