Today is 10.10.10, and I think I should do something to commemorate this special day.

So my special 10.10.10 includes

  1. Have short nap throughout the day, while got ignored by somebody playing solitare
  2. Watched Grey Anatomy and shed some tears 
  3. Got tortured by hubby, couples of time with his killer chin
  4. Listen to poof  sound – my hubby farting with a short warning that he is doing it
  5. Surfing the net while the man of the house wash the eau de Toilet
  6. Watched the Iron Man 2
  7. Complains about the humidity
  8. Eat the Black Charcoal Bamboo Mochi bought from Lavender
  9. Tried the latest Fudgeez, from Chin Chin. Taste nice wor, soft and not too sweet
  10. Hubby promised to bring me somewhere to eat dinner.. wahahhahah

Ya… indeed today is very special hor..

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