Day 6 – Melbourne City

I forgot what time we woke up on this day, again my breakfast are exactly the same menu although I pray to God (don’t ask me which God, just God) that the chef came to his senses and prepared a breakfast feast, if not maybe add just one menu : Fried Egg or Scramble Egg? Please? I can’t understand why that they should omit the egg from the Continental Breakfast Menu.   

Anyway, hubby still couldn’t believe that I’m still eating a heavy breakfast ‘You still can eat ah’?. I had some toast with butter and ham instead of vegemite ( I tried Vegemite and put alot, and I forced myself to swallow it despite its saltiness- kahpuiii) then I had croissant, pastry, milk, apple juice, coffee X 2 cups, ham, I stop taking the cheese from the cheese platter as I think it doesn’t go with anything on my plate.   

The Most Healthy Breakfast in Melbourne


After breakfast, we went back to the room to take our bag and do Big business (not me), then I suddenly feel nausea and vomitted because the Skinny milk I tried earlier taste so weird that my stomach just rejected it. So no more skinny milk, normal low fat milk is better.  

We went to Victoria Market on this day, and its the only day we can come here because it is close on every Monday and Wednesday.  Once I step my foot into the market, is this wet market? I don’t even have to be worried my shoe got wet or have to avoid splashes of dirty water when doing the marketing like back in Malaysia ‘s wonderful wet market. Here the fish section, the meat section, the vegetables and fruits section, all very well organized and clean! Even our supermarket has those fishy smell when you walk by, need not to describe la, you all know it very well.   

If you want to buy souvenir, come here. Very cheap and can bargain, didn’t buy many souvenir lor wahahaha souvenirs are strictly for family members .. .. . .  

Victoria Market


Food Court in Victoria Market, Vegetables & Fruits section


We bought strawberry here.. cheapest is AUD1 per packet. Cheap dou… and Meat Pie again. I think 7-eleven one taste better.   

Strawberry, Nice Egg Price Sign, Meat Pie


We also bought 1 pc of the American Doughnut sold at the Victoria Market. I think the  doughnut is suppose to be famous, as I saw alot of ppl buying, and its not cheap ok. 1 doughnut size of an egg, for AUD1 each. We very kiamsiap, we bought 1 to try, and it is so delicious.. this is a must try ok!    

Advertorial: Delicious, Mouth Watering American Doughnut. Ooohlala


I don’t know what to do next, except shopping, so we went to another shopping area at Dockland. I still ask myself, why the hell I go to Dockland since I didn’t buy anything at all even at the DFO.   

On this day, is the first time we take a ride on the Free City Circle Tram, we basically walk all over Melbourne city on foot. 

Free City Circle Tram- Recognise it by its Burgundy Colour


On the way to Dockland for more shopping. Hubby was damn worried that I will burn his pocket, coz I swear to him I’m going to buy something in Dockland. Guess he really believed me.   

Doesn't have the holiday look right?


 Window shopping again in Dockland. Kena con by my friend that Dockland shopping is cheaper than the DFO and more varieties. Guess we are different kind of shopper. Again, I didn’t buy a thing here. We have lunch at the Burger Monster, wah the burger very veli very veli nice and  juicy.. Uncle Mai Donal cannot fight la.   

Harbour Town Shopping Centre @ Dockland


Later, we walk to the harbour front  where the rich Melbournians park their luxury boat.   

Clockwise: Ethihad Stadium on the background, Harbour Front Boutiques & Restaurants, Beautiful golden architectural modern building


We took the free tram back to the city, and got off at Elizabeth Street/ Williamston Street I think, hubby already complaining he is tired, so I asked him to go back to the hotel, and I am going to walk on my own.. guess he knew me too well, my sense of direction is useless.  More walking …   

Parliament of Victoria


Old Treasury Building


 I insisted to visit the St Patrick’s Cathedral, a cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.   

St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne


The awesomeness, the grandeur-ness of the historicaly beautiful cathedral, especially when the sun shines through the window.   


Inside St Patrick's Cathedral @ abt 3pm


More to see in the city, we walk to Collins Street where Westin Hotel is located, and the whole stretch of road, houses all the giant luxury brand available, a shopping haven for the itchiness.. ops rich   

Collins Street and the backlane somewhere.. near Bourke Street


End of day 6


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