Day 5 – Melbourne Free & Easy

On this day, we woke up early to meet up with Zindann and Wing to return our car at the Budget car rental. Then we told the cashier that we use the tollroad, Eastlink, and thought we can pay the toll at the cashier when we return the car. Turnout it wasn’t as easy as we thought. They asked us to pay the toll ourself online, or at the post office but first, we have to call Eastlink hotline to check how much we need to pay. Wasn’t so friendly la the cashier Angmo lady. Pretty but not so friendly, didn’t even offer any advise. So, if you are not sure which road you will be using, when you rent the car, tell them you need the Tag just in case. In Australia, tollroad doesn’t have the toll booth like ours in Malaysia, its a good thing that you don’t need to queue to pass the tollgate, they have the scanner on the road. If you use the tollroad, make sure you pay the toll within 24hours or 48 hours not sure, if not they will fine you on a daily basis. Don’t think you can runaway, they will charge your credit card ok!   

So after we left Budget Car Rental, we made phonecalls to Eastlink Hotline, wasted like AUD3 still unable to ascertain how much tollfares we need to pay, then we walk to first Post Office, they didn’t help much still ask us to call the Eastlink to find out how much to pay, then we walk to the 2nd Post Office, the cashier there (Asian Guy) very friendly, he show us the map and ask us, how many times we cross the tunnel and teach us how to calculate the toll charges, and we settle the toll charges there.  Like this already wasted like 1 hour trying to figure out about the toll charges, calls and making payment.    

Since we got nothing planned on that day, Zindann and Wing suggest to go to the Melbourne Aquarium and we walk all the way from Flinders Street to Kings Street about 15 minutes walk. The weather is cooling and it makes the walk all around Melbourne central do-able compare to walking in Malaysia, I swear I will cry out to my hubby and show my missy tantrums if I were ask to walk as far. When we reached the Aquarium, the ticket price were not the same as published in our guidebook, they’ve increased the price to AUD32.50 per adult. So hubby and I skip the aquarium and continue our leisure walk nearby.    

South Melbourne- Melbourne Aquarium

 Across the Queens Bridge Street, we pass by the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, and then Opposite MEC is the Crown Plaza. Very Cold la      

On the bridge with Frozen Smile - background is Melbourne Exibition Centre


Crown Plaza/ Complex


Then we walk to the new DFO Southwarf just next to the Hilton Hotel. If you want to buy cheap branded stuff, you can come here, but guess what? Even I didn’t get a thing here as I find it too expensive even after conversion compare to the branded sales I can get back here. We have our lunch at the food court, not many choices, but most people choose Subway. So we also choose Subway lor-ordered Footlong sandwich here.. Yummy   

Frozen Face @ DFO South WharfBy 12pm, we already done walking the whole DFO, and went to another shopping centre at Southgate, leisurely walk along the Yarra River, and back to Flinders Street. Clock wise from left, Eureka Skydeck 88 in the background, SouthGate Shopping Centre, St Paul Cathedral and Yarra River Cruise/Yarra River


The Anglican St Paul Cathedral situated on the corner of Swanston Street & Flinders Street, renowned for its carved cedar woodwork, tessellated tiled floors, stonework and stained glass. In front of the St Paul Cathedral you can also catch the city’s free shuttle bus. Opposite of St Paul Cathedral is the Melbourne Central Information Centre and the Federation Square.   

St Paul Cathedral

After we enquire about Dockland shopping at the Info Centre, we went to Young & Jackson Hotel to enjoy the beautiful painting, Chloe by Jules-Joseph Lefebvre. The Chloe painting is hung on the wall of the Chloe bar, and we ordered a mug of Young & Jackson beer specialled brewed for them while I’m obsessed with Marie’s beautiful leg.    

Chloe is actually a nude figure painting of a young Parisian women, named Marie when she was around the age of 19. There are many tales about the young women Marie and it is believed that she  successfully suicide at the age of 21 years old after throwing a party for her friend.   

Chloe Bar @ Young & Jackson Hotel


The Story of the Chloe Painting (source from: chloe)    

THE MODEL MARIE:Researched and written by s.zervos. copyright (c) 2007  
The shy and tragic young French girl Marie who posed for Chloe is largely unknown and no one seems to have any interest in her. The thousands of connoisseurs  who study the painting of Chloe seem more concerned with the finer points of technique in Lefebvre’s faithful portrayal of her charms.      

Marie was born in 1856 into a poor family living on the outskirts of Paris. She left home at an early age and went to the big city where she and her sister posed for artists to supplement their meagre income from the other  menial jobs they picked up. The leggy Marie’s striking beauty got her much modelling work among the many artists who infested Paris at that time. Lefebvre got to know the girls quite well (too well) and Marie became his favourite model — she posed for Chloe in 1875 when she was 19.    

Marie seemed to have had a penchant for older men and before long she fell madly in love with the painter. He was 40 and she was 19 when they became lovers. But Marie’s genuine love was not as faithfully requited. During the time Lefebvre was enjoying her favours, probably between brush strokes, the rotter was also servicing her sister in a like manner.  About a year after painting Chloe, Lefebvre unexpectedly dropped Marie and married her sister. Why he would spurn such a delicate nymph in favour of her relatively mediocre sibling truly boggles the mind (as you can see he was no oil painting himself). Marie was completely devastated when she heard the news.
Congreve’s maxim states “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned“.
But Marie, a loving and sensitive girl, was reluctant to upset the blissful  harmony of the two people she still loved.

The bottled-up anguish became too much for her. Two years after posing for Chloe she finally ‘flipped’.  Marie put on a party for her friends. The party was in full swing when she quietly slipped into the kitchen and boiled up a toxic brew from some items she kept there. She drank the fatal mixture while her friends were still raging in another room … Marie was only 21 years young. So whenever any reader is admiring Chloe’s charms in Lefebvre’s painting  may I ask them to please pause and spare a thought for the tragic young woman who quit so young  yet inspired Lefebvre’s, and possibly the 19th century’s, greatest masterpiece. After our afternoon beer at the Chloe’s bar, the crowd start coming in, it was only like 1.30pm. So we continue walking and walking but of course at least some photos in front of the Flinders Street Station. Don’t be alarmed when you saw  terrifying electricity sparks when the trams crossed, everyone just ignored them, like its nothing.   

Flinders Street Station

 More shoppings? We went to MYER- the Australian long long history of shopping mall. I couldn’t remember where was this photo with the Giant SEIKO clock was taken, all that I can remember alot of commuter pass by the building, inside a station/shopping centre.     

MYER and the SEIKO

 We also went to 2 Starbucks outlet to find the  destination flask, the one near Collins Street don’t have any, so we went to another outlet at Bourke Street to get it, bought the flask at AUD12.90 (Mahal la!).  Then we walk summo, alot of walking in Melbourne, saw this lift inside Nicholas building.    

Old and working -Lift (you have to pull/ close the door yourself)


Chinatown and Oldtown Kopitiam

More walking – walking- walking- dragging our feet.. (hubby already complaining his toes already giving him problem) we decided to have dinner at 3.30pm? Kiasu right? We want to avoid the dinner crowd at this infamous Mekong Vietnamese Restaurant. Owner is a Hongkie, and who dine here before? Former President Bill Clinton! Jacky Chan! Samuel Hung! Jimmy! Cheryl!

Mekong Restaurant, near Bourke Street

After dinner, we went to David Jones Shopping Mall, didn’t go in la, as expected it should be freaking expensive.. then we walk to more shopping boutiques just wander around everywhere, by maybe 6pm we were too exhausted, we went back to the hotel to rest, watch tv, freshen up before going out again to the nearby 7-eleven to get the famous Meat Pie (must try) 2 pcs for AUD5.    

Meat Pie from 7-Eleven

  End of Day 5


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