Day 4 Yarra Valley

 On the 2nd half of the day, if we can make it to the Healesville Sanctuary  which is highly recommended by the Melbournians, I will be able to see Australian animal up close like          


  1. Goanna ( Rihanna’s cousin)
  2. Blue Tongued Lizard ( I hate lizard but blue tongue wor)
  3. PLATYPUS!!!!
  4. Gang Gang Cockatoos
  5. Red Kangaroo
  6. Orange Bellied Parrots
  7. Emus (Emo Queen)
  8. Edchina
  9. Koalas
  10. Dingoes
  11. Kookaburras
  12. Fruit Bats
  13. Birds of Prey
  14. Wetland birds
  15. Lyrebirds
  16. Parrot Flight
  17. Animals of the night
  18. Tasmanian Devil
  19. Wombats
  20. Wallabies
  21. Helmeted Honeyeaters
  22. Pelicans
  23. Arid Birds
  24. Rock Wallabies


Healesville Sanctuary


See? So many animals? I missed all that and I need to make another trip back to Australia to see them for real! Agree right? But go somewhere else to see la.. other part of Australia la.. they are Australian Wildlife not Melbournian Wildlife ma Aiyo…lets move on. I need to move on.            

All 4 of us later agree to go to Yarra Valley the Victoria’s oldest wine region for some wonderful winery scenery, taste wine and I don’t know ah.. knock the Cellar Door I think. We are not a wine connoisseur mind you, but tasting wine? Definitely la.. come so far, pay for car, no wine meh?            

So the first stop we went, is Yarra Yering Vineyard, located at Gruyere, Briarty Road. To get there you must need a car with the help of GPS, there’s no other way unless you join a winery tour which may cost you AUD135 – 160 per person.            

We arrive at the Yarra Yering around 2.30pm, took a slow drive, enjoying the captivating view of the vineyard with mountaineous background, wah big piece of land,  and so.. so.. err dry? huh? Where’s the grapes? We later found out that the harvesting season is not going to happen until the next February. So what we saw now was dry ranting2 lor, they just planted the grapes.         

As we arrive at Yarra Yering, there is no other customers except us. One angmo couple just left.        

Yarra Yering


We also went to the Orange orchard too! Just Kidding, there’s a few orange trees planted next to the cellar door. I wanted to pick that orange and taste it but I dunwan to be branded as Rude Malaysian hmmz! I ada baca Moral tau. I don’t steal!        

Orange tree


 Inside the Tasting Room        

Real Fireplace inside Tasting Room


  So high klak     

Yarra Yering Wines


We’re actually eyeing the price of the wines.. ‘Speak in cantonese: Ny, better stick to tasting ok’        

Tasting Area


Not all wineries are open for public, always check that the wineries you are heading too has a Cellar Door open for tourist.  For wine tasting usually , if you are not buying any, you will be charged AUD5 per person.  Here’s the list of wines that we tasted, just hubby and me only.     

Wines on Tasting for September 2010           

2004 Chardonnay (I like this the best)
2007 Pinot Noir
2008 Gruyere
2001 Underhill
2006 Dry Red Wine No. 2
2008 Dry Red Wine No.3
2005 Agincourt Cabernet Merlot
2003 Dry Red Wine No. 1
2000 Potsorts Vintage Fortified ( I cannot swallow potsorts.. not my type at all)              


Berpura-pura taste the wines. I actually want to get drunk oni, so I want to drink as much, but some of the wines is too bitter for me, so have to throw away into the barrel at the back wahahahah.       

Good actor and actress


Next we head to Yarra Valley Dairy, located in a 100 year old milking shed, right beside the cheese factory at Yering. The Yarra Valley Dairy offers handmade farmhouse cheeses.     

Yarra Valley Dairy


 The farm nearby     

Milk Cow


The interior of the cheese shop, they have a wide selection of homemade products like spagetti sauce, vinegar, etc.     

Cheese shop


Cheese tasting is available here, but the attendants are not very friendly.  We didn’t buy any cheese from the shhop as most of the cheese are fresh and fragile, and possibility of turning bad while transporting it back to our homecountry, or maybe problem with the customs/ immigration .. not very sure.     

Cheese counter


We went to Yering Station after that, which is located on the Melba Highway, and very near to Yarra Valley Dairy.       

Yering Station is actualy Victoria’s first vineyard in the heart of Yarra Valley and you don’t want to miss this vineyard.  Next to Yering Station is Chateau Yering  Historic House Hotel, once a weekend party place for victorian,  and now offers  5 star luxury  accommodation and also Fine Dining at its Eleonore’s Restaurant which is close by the time we reached there about 3.30pm.     

So we went to their Sweetwater Cafe which offers  a wide range of cakes and light meals throughout the day, wahahhaha dessert time!     

Chateau Yering Entrance


Taking a short rest at the Lobby Lounge     

Lobby Lounge


Me Posing Graciously


Waiting for the food to be served


We ordered Mixed Berry Cheesecake and Chocolate Blackforest Mousse (choice of 2 pastry for AUD8), Berry of the forest tea ( blackcurrants, strawberries, hibiscus, blossoms, rosehips, bilberries and elderberries @ AUD4.50) and Black Coffee (AUD 4).     

My Drunk Face



Sweetwater Cafe, Chateau Yering


 After our luxurious tea break, we head back to Melbourne city and call it a night.     

Look at the sun


End of Day 4     


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