Day 4 – Dandenong Ranges, Puffing Billy


 We didn’t confirm on any itinerary from Day 4-7 onwards, so after a brief discussion with our new make friends Zindann and Wing we decided to rent a car to the Dandenong ranges and Yarra Valley.  

In the morning, we waited for the Information Centre to open at around 9.30am, so we take a short walk to the Shrine of Remembrance.  

Jimmy & I at Shrine of Remembrance



Take photo out of nowhere in the city. Background is Edward (like I know him)


We walk to Franklin street to try our luck to get a car immediately because according to the Information  Centre in Flinders Street, the earliest we can get a car would be in the afternoon. So as suggested by them, we walk to Franklin Streets where all the rental car company has a branch there. As we walk past we saw many RMIT building around that area. Once we reach Franklin Streets, we just went to Budget Car Rental and rented a Comodore, which cost us AUD 87 including GPS.  

After all the processing, we went to get our car at the parking space (same building) this is how our car look like.  

Maroon Comodore


At 10.30am we are so ready to start our journey now. Firstly we have to check the car conditions, hubby was the designated driver. Then start the car.. err.. why cannot start wan? While figuring out tis and tat about the car, to unlock the rest of the doors, to start the engine, to use the GPS we spend almost like 15 minutes here wahahahah so paiseh. Piece of advise: If you are unfamiliar with continental cars, better rent a Hyundai ke or Mitsubishi Lancer ok!  

The drive to Dandenong Ranges was pretty easy, except we don’t know how to avoid the tolls, we ended up using the Eastlink Tunnel, and reached the Upper Ferntree Gully in a total of 40 minutes drive. We reached the Pufffing Billy Station at Belgrave around 11.20 am so we have to catch a later train another hour to wait. If you do not have a car, you can also use a public transport -from Mebourne city (Southern Cross Station) take the Metropolitan Train to Belgrave. Take a short walk  over to the Puffing Billy station which is just next to each other.  We park our car at the the Belgrave Metro Station too.  

 Ticket fare to and return  – Lakeside  stop cost us AUD38 per person.  

Puffing Billy Timetable


If you didn’t have much time to spare for the Puffing Billy Train ride, I recommend you to drive to mile away from the Belgrave Station and witness the Puffing Billy Train moving – very very slowly and take some photos. I’ll explain that later.  

We head to a nearby quaintly decorated cafe to have our lunch before the next train arrive at 12.30pm. I had lasagne and hubby had chips only.  

The quaintly decorated cafe - I did not remember the name


FML- Look so old in this photo


 It time to board the Train.. toot toot toot – This is the infamous most picturesque site that the steam train will cross. That’s it!?! The train is so slow… I can smell the charcoal.. we sat next to a bunch of China punya Chinese, lucky we didn’t fight wahahahhahaha (joking)  

Puffing Billy Train Ride


  This is why I said, you can travel abit further stop at the side of the road, and save your money! Just take photo lar! Children would love to ride the steam train but for adults.. hmmm I leave it for yourself to decide lor  

Spectators below - Smartass


 To travel from Belgrave to Lakeside stop takes an hour ride.. I keep on telling myself just one hour.. come on just one hour .. couldn’t be that bad .. hubby just standing inside the train expressionless!   

Hubby's serious look- Gosh!


I want to KILL that girl!  

China Bitch!


Then!! Then!! The train make a brief stop at Menzies Creek! AUD 38 is now in jeopardy! All 4 of us couldn’t stand the slooooooowww train moving, and we have other places of interest, so we hop off at Menzies Creek. If you still want to experience taking the ride, you can actually board the train like from Menzies Creek to Emerald or Emerald to Lakeside, so you will have shorter journey and cheaper fare, for your information an hour ride can be reach by car in 15 minutes okay!  

Forcing a smile here, while waiting for the next train back to Belgrave. $$$$ Kaching ;(  

At Menzies Creek


Hubby’s ANNOYED look (Body Language translated as: Baby- I am warning you stop taking my photos). Did you notice? This is the only time he wear his jacket cover until like dat. It was freezing cold!!  

Super Cold la


Me sitting on the ledge. I want to KILL those girls.. they got my UGG boots that my hubby never let me in to their UGG store. FML  

Sitting on the Ledge


Photo with Zindann, back to Belgrave..  

With Zindann


By the time we reached back Belgrave its already 1.45pm (see that clock behind). Really wasted alot of time here.. wasted the money. At last we didn’t manage to make it to Healesville Sanctuary, this is the only place in Melbourne that I can see Platypus alive!  

Belgrave Puffing Billy Station


See Next post for Yarra Valley  



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  1. #1 by blurcheryl on October 1, 2010 - 11:56 am

    Mel thank kiu ah.. u see in front oni my hair, at the back hor I dun really like leh..
    Puffing Billy ride not scary la.. slooooooooooooow until I think no fun. If its abit faster, then feel like roller coaster but sure accident de. They have a few conductor in seperate barracks who will keep on sticking their head out to check whether the train is off track or not, to ensure safetyness.

  2. #2 by thammelissa on October 1, 2010 - 10:17 am

    wah…the train punya track look so scary ohh @_@
    itu fries fat fat looks so yummy lor…
    anyway…I like ur hairstyle…very nice ^_^

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