Day 3 Great Ocean Road – Part 2

We’re now at Apollo Bay,  half way through the Great Ocean Road, before reaching the Twelve Apostle. See the map and you’ll understand better.

After our heavy  lunch at Apollo Bay, we wind into Maits Rest Rainforest Walk, driving inland to the mountains  about 17 kilometres away, into Great Otway National Park. Eat until so full, its a good time to take a walk.

The highlight of the Maits Rest was, walk under a canopy of ancient Myrtle Beech, towering Mountain Aish and Blackwood trees as well as treeferns and mosses making up the dense temperate rainforest of Otway National Park. Not just that, you get to see the  Black Carnivorous Snail – a special Otway resident as describe on the signboard.

Here’s how the snail looks like. Don’t be stupid and put the snail on your palm – carnivore remember?

The walkway in Maits Rest is so greeeeeeeeeen and lush. It was raining lightly at that time, and the temperature is even cooler.  The difference between walking in Malaysia’s tropics rainforest and the one here, Maits Rest have a raised wooden/ timber walk path  to walk through and above the fern gullies, eucalypts and 300 year old myrtle beeches.

Sam.. telling us the Myrtle Beech can drink like dunno how many tons of water a day.

Me in the hole sticking my butt out when taking this photo.

Sam told us, when he is free he will come here to hunt for foxes or other feral animals deems overly populated by the authority that will affect the balancec of the ecosystem.  The Australian government actually paid them dunno how many dollar for their effort for each animals. They don’t have to bring the whole animal, but cut out ears, or tails of each animal hunted as a proof.

Not far from Maits Rest about 10 km away, there’s another lighthouse at Cape Otway. If you missed the Splitpoint lighthouse you can come to this one. The historic Cape Otway lighthouse provides views where Bass Strait meets the Southern Ocean.

After Maits Rest, we head to Lavers Hills, 27 km away with, many more inland picturesque scenery in sights on the way, slopes so green like they are covered with green carpet of grass, we past by the Aire Rivet ( a drained lake) nearer to Lavers Hill.

Make a stop at Gardenside Manor Tearooms, Lavers Hill. Go pee at the public toilet just next to it. At the side of the Gardenside Manor Tearooms theres a pair of beautiful king parrots and crimson rosellas coming in from the wild. There’s a short path through the gardens, and a good place for you to have some tea and a short rest before driving another 70 km before reaching Port Campbell.

By now at about 3pm, we are all already tired, and sleepy.. my eyes cannot open, so I had a tipu power nap for maybe 10 minutes. Not long after we arrive at the first two apostles. I got down the Gibson steps, slowly and carefully walk onto  the beach (scare the sand masuk my precious ballerina shoe) and photo time again! Actually I am not at all amaze with the 2 Apostle la frankly speaking eventhough its part of highlight on the GOR tour. The icy strong wind blows like gila, so after a few  leng leng shots, I again ran back to the van and Sam said ‘told cha’ wahahaha.. Sejuk gila!

Got back to the bus, I guess 5 minutes drive we reached the entrance of the Twelve Apostles  where the remaining 5 magnificent limestone  stack formation that one day can spell GONE is located. Kiasu people like me sure open my eyes big big to admire its beauty, before its gone.

We walk to the park centre to get a cuppa hot coffee before taking a slow walk to many many lookout sites enjoying gods marvelous creation.

The two apostle earlier, this photo taken on another viewing site at the Twelve Apostle park. Sejuk gila!! In the photo, from left Zindann, Wing, Hubby, Me and Joyce. Strong wind blowing..

Good thing is, if you travel with other people.. you get more couple photos taken, and if one of them are more interested with photography and has those canggih camera, I am more than happy to ask for their help – take photo for me please? TQVM I can take for u too! My skills (the photo angle) wasn’t as bad as my hubby and Joyce! Drives me crazy!

The 5 Apostles limestone stack that rise majestically on the Southern Ocean as background, modeled by Super Leng lui and Leng chai. That LV bag is really a spoiler! Damn! Have to crop the photo abit.

We were blessed that our new make friends, they booked this site for us as they claimed this is the best photo site (garangnya). They ask us to walk faster when we were just look see look see and saw them calling us there. wahahahhaha so we just walk over and pose!

 I like the sky here.. very blue. The tour didn’t just end at the  12 apostles. We later head to the Loch Ard Gorge and hear about its tragic shipwreck history told by Sam. Then viewing the remains of London Bridge, Island Arch and Razorback.

Models at work.

Sightseeing ended, and we head to Port Campbell town to have dinner! Did you notice? Did you? Did you? My hubby were so hungry that he cannot put the fork down – can’t wait

I had vegetarian Pasta!

We left Port Campbell at around 6pm + and reach the hotel at around 9pm.

End of Day 3


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  1. #1 by blurcheryl on September 30, 2010 - 9:22 pm

    2nd honeymoon wahahahahha..
    Me too miss the place.. enjoy our holiday very much especially phillip island.

  2. #2 by Cas on September 30, 2010 - 8:20 pm

    Melbourne! OMG miss that place. Looks like you had a fab time, GREAT pics 🙂 Second or perhaps third honeymoon eh? 😉

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