Day 3 Great Ocean Road- Part 1

Great Ocean Road is one of the destination listed as Must Do if you visit Melbourne. Many people advises to self drive to along the coastal road, but we  sign up for a 1 Day tour by ATWAD instead price at AUD115 per pax inclusive of lunch and dinner on our 3rd day.

We slept very early the night before, after having super nice dinner at the MAX restaurant located at Little Bourke Street. More on food in later blogs la.

By 7.15am, we already had our breakfast and waited for ATWAD to pick us up at our hotel.  Sam, the tour guide cum driver  is very funny and kept us entertained  the whole journey. I can say this is the best tour I ever joined, moreover the van ATWAD uses is a Mercedes Vito, which could be brand new too as it is very well maintained, comfortable, and clean. Other tour operators we saw, they uses old mini bus, or big coaches – means bigger tourist group. Ours is more like a personal premium tour, minus the premium price. I bet many other tourist envy us throughout the journey.. wahahahha

By the way, if you wish to drive to Great Ocean Road on your own, please do it in 2 days 1 night as making it for a 1 day tour is not impossible, but dangerous and tired especially if you didn’t know the road, plus driving at night with little or without streets light.  Some tourist skip going to Great Ocean Road, when they heard that the whole journey (round trip) is as far as travelling from Johor to Penang and back to Johor.. around 800+ kilometres.  But in my opinion, with the cool weather, scenic road drives, spectacular coastal views, many short attractions along the way like resort towns, surf beaches, and rainforest makes the whole GOR package in  1 day  still a spendid experience minus the driving stress. If I ask hubby to drive, I feel like I am very selfish and mean to him, it wouldn’t be much of the holiday  except maxing him out on driving.  I sayang him too much to let him drive such a long distance.

Weather talk again. We expect light showers in the morning as reported by the weatherman  turn out it was sunny and cold. Some of the photos you will see I did not wear my jacket, let not the photos deceives you, as when the wind blows, I have to ran back to the van after taking my pretty leng leng photos.  I didn’t know I can withstand coldness, maybe the reason is thick fat.

The whole journey Sam talk non-stop introducing the place, telling folklore stories like Bunyip etc.  At first I thought  it was pre-recorded, but later when I sat at the front with him, and left my hubby sitting behind.. wah he really can talk alot  and wont get thirsty. Sam is funny and the way he use the word sneaky just makes me laugh. Oh by the way, if you would like to self- drive to GOR, beware of the speed trap cameras, patrol police hiding somewhere.. there are actually more than 30 speed traps for the whole journey. Sneaky!

To begin with we travel via the Princess Highway, connected from Docklands  to West Gate Bridge leading to the bayside city of Geelong,  you can see alot of canola flowers farm along the highway.  Lookout for the  road signs that will  guide you to the South Australian Border along the Surf Coast Highway – the famous surf town of Torquay. Our first stop to Bells Beach  at 8.30am where we had our Bushbilly Tea with Vegemite, Cracker and Lamington Cake – very Aussie leh.. and cold leh and the hot tea turn cold in just minutes. Have to drink fast fast.

We pee here.. at Bells Beach public toilet. Sam advises us to go pee first before the big tour buses arrive. Sam always make sure we are ahead of the big groups, so we can avoid the China punya chinese tourist. Kekekeke

Bells beach is famous for its international surfing competition. It was so cold, when we are having our tea break, and I can’t wait to get back inside the Vito. For the surfers I think they didn’t know what cold means, they still go to surf and bukak their clothes and change  at the side of the road like they don’t care anybody looking at them naked.

Next, we visited Splitpoint lighthouse  at Anglesea for some photos.. (advise from Sam- don’t come here during Summer School Holiday, as the traffic will be very bad – jam gila wor)

Then drove dunno how long , we reached the beginning of the Great Ocean Road, originally a private road with tolls build by the army.. got very long story one.

The coastal view along  the GOR

Next, we head to Lorne resort town

If on self drive tour, you may want to stay in Lorne, very nice.. In Lorne you can find a number of luxury resort hotels. Again, don’t come during Boxing day- Jam Gila. We stop here to pee again

Later, we head to Kennet River Park. You don’t have to get into the park, just off the road before the park entrance, we got down from Vito, and  go see Koala  (Aboriginals pronounce it as Go ala). We counted only 2 Koala at the side of the road, the rest gone for holiday wahahahaha. Sam gave us some birds pellets, corns a mixture of grains to feed the local colourful birds that look like parrots to me.

Lucky those birds got toilet manners and they do give you abit of scalp massage too.

On the way to Apollo Bay for lunch, we stop by at the side of the road which is the Cape Patton lookout point  overlooking east views towards Appollo Bay and Skenes Creek. Great photos opportunity here with spectacular coastal views.

At 12pm, we already having our lunch at Apollo Bay Hotel.

Lunch Menu offers by ATWAD include

  1. Roast of the day -Roast Lamb 
  2. Fish & Chips with Salad in beer batter 
  3. Singapore Noodles
  4. Spagetti Bolognaise with side salad
  5. Chicken Schnitzel and chips with vegetables or salad
  6. Vegetarian meal – 4 choices

Also Tea and Coffee is served after the meal, got bread and butter also, and selection of  drinks like soft drinks, ice lemon tea etc.

Here, hubby eating Roast of the Day- Roast Lamb.. his face so happy!

To be continued ~


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