Day 2 Churchill Island

Its already 11.30am by the time we left the Koala Conservation park, spending 1.5hours there. It was raining lightly, so the weather is even colder, but welcoming.  I love it very much.. wahahhaaha aiyo how many times I have to tell y’all that I love the weather there.. hohoho don’t worry I will continue repeating I love the weather.

The next destination we went is the Churchill Island Heritage Farm.

Churchill Island, which is off the coast of Phillip Island is connected by a bridge to Phillip Island. While hubby was driving across the bridge, I can see Churchill Island not far away, and I am already gawking in delight. I didn’t expect Churchill Island to be so beautiful. Actually from earlier conservation park visit, NO real Koala for cuddling.. is major let down.

Then I saw many sheep upclose.  They are so cute.. I keep telling hubby.. Sheep!  Sheep more Sheep see Ny.. see see.. It was like I never seen a Sheep before. Hubby just ignore me! I know I know Malaysia got alot of Kambing they don’t have fluffy hair wat.. and definitely not white!

See Australian Sheep lives better. Plenty of grass, spacious farm land to run and farmers groom them whenever they needed Sheep Shearing Spa .

Mama Big Bird bring little birds crossing the road… cute…..

Hubby said cannot disturb the bull when I asked him to stop and let me take some photos. Whyon earth he think I dare to disturb the bull leh? See.. even the bull here look  different than our  Kerbau.  Summo just eat only, no need to work the rice field like ours.. damn good life

Inside Churchill Heritage Farm, there’s a Cottage where once lives by the somebody somebody, and they preserve the Cottage like original for the tourist to see lor.. Below photos show their olden days kitchen, oven, etc.

Then we went to the farm and take more photos with Australian Sheep. Those sheep so clever, they know I am a threat to them.

More photos at the barn, Amazing facts about Clydesdale Horse..

I only saw 1 horse here, hmmmz.. this one must be sick no need to go out pull any heavy loads of stuff. Should go out run ma…

There’s a souvenir shop in Churchill Heritage Farm, and they offer the best selection of Melbournians sourvenir. Lots of cute and lovely little very victorian kind of ornaments, too bad I didn’t get any. I should have bought the cute fluffy soft toy. Its a Sheep! Next time, I ask hubby to tell me the figures, how much I can spend on buying whatever I want so I don’t have to stuck with his questions again and again.. You want meh?

Arghh.. thinking of it makes me crazy!!!! I should have just grab it!! and Tell him I want and go pay for it.

Anyway, there’s no pig in the farm, guess have to fly to Korea to see the black pig. For the time being, aren’t this 2 little piggie figurines cute? The other one lying there with the sign ‘Time For Dinner’

Oh “Dearest! Can I follow you to Korea too to see black pig?”.  Wait a minute.. I got a pig at home.. my hubby piggie!! But he is not black.



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